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Arkansas OLF Guitar Get Together 2, March 3, 2007
Ron Wisdom, Old Man, demo-ing his setup for stabilizing the dremel
during inlay cavity cutting.  There are two strips of phenolic, coated with
drawer UHMV tape strips to slide well.  The phenolic slabs were secured
in a taper to hold the fretboard during the operation.  Nice job Ron.
Ron offers spalted maple to
everyone who may want to
bookmatch a set for a sound
hole rosette.  Thanks Ron.
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Ron is quite an organizational genius.  Every power tool seemed to have a hookup to the dust
collection system.  Much of the workbenches he said came from leftover material from building
his log cabin home in 2000.

Ron Wisdom, Matt Jacobs, Dave Rickard, Paul Gandy, and Dave Rector.  Photo by Bruce D.
Matt Jacobs demo-ing fret slotting.  He stole the idea from Bruce
Dickey, who stole the idea from Todd Stock, who stole the idea from.....  
Well, you get the idea.  Matt, showed us his jig for fret slotting, it uses a
template with cuts for a registry pin located in the sled.  By subsequent
cuts and moving the template you may cut any scale length you want
using this technique.  Thanks to Matt for the Demo, and really a big
OLF KUDO to Todd Stock for really getting this going for all.  Search
the OLF Archive, it's there, and Todd does a good job tutoring.
Ron's Fleishman/Williams Binding Jig works
like a champ.  Until you see one of these in
person, you just don't get it.  Ron has a nice
carriage as well for holding the guitar.  I'm
convinced this is a great way to bind a guitar.  
Thanks, Ron, Don, and Harry
Dave Rickard, Cecil Carroll, Dave Rector, Ron Wisdom, Paul Gandy, Joe McKay, Matt Jacobs.
Photograher, fork in hand:  Bruce Dickey
Ron's good friend, Frank Kayter, who is interested in building
banjos.  And his lovely and gracious wife,
Pam.  We were
honored at the Wisdom's beautiful home with a great bbq
meal.  It was truly special and delicious.
Matt, Dave, and Dave
prepare to chow down.
Paul Gandy playing Matt Jacobs archtop guitar.  It
has an Armstrong Slimbucker pickup system with the tone
and volume miniatures mounted under the pickguard.  
The back was Euro Maple, neck was Big Leaf, way to go
Matt.  Paul is putting it through it's paces and is an
accomplished player.
Ron and Pam live here in the log home they constructed in 2000.  This is a shot
up the driveway as we were leaving at 5 PM.  Paul Gandy gave me a rid in his
new Honda, a very comfy ride.  What a wonderful day.
Thanks Ron for the invite to your OLD Man's Shop.  And thanks to Pam the lady
of the house for some true hospitality.
Ron Wisdom, you have a well planned, neat, and well
equipped shop.  It was a true pleasure seeing another
craftsman's domain.  Thanks for the demos of your stuff and
the invitation to hang with you.  The Luthiers Who Came.
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