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Aaron's Guitar, project for a soldier's son.  This is an OSJ Model.
This special guitar is a gift for a young man named Aaron.

This young man goes to school with my son.  He also played
on the same baseball team and football team as my son.  
And now the band.

The reason for this special guitar is his Dad.  Aaron's Dad
went off to Iraq to serve his country.  He did and safely
returned.  This guitar is a little memento of the struggle of
being separated from someone you love.
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This guitar is similar to one played by Phil Keaggy.  In 1983 a luthier named Jim Olson in
Minnesota made it for Phil.  I had that guitar in my possession numerous times to get a feel for it
and to build guitars like it.  I'm excited to do this one for my little buddy Aaron.  The wood is from
Africa, it is pomelle figured Sapele and was a big old ten foot plank when I started working on it.
To the left is the top for
this guitar.  It is made
from Adirondack
Spruce, sometimes
called Red Spruce.  It is
thought of as the holy
grail of top woods and is
rare today on acoustic
guitar.  To the right is
another rarity, a dovetail
neck fitting.  The
dovetail neck is revered
by many as the best way
to join a neck to a body.
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Donation from GD Armstrong - The Access Stage 5 Guitar Case comes
as a donation from a music store owner and fellow guitar enthusiast in
I met George on a luthier's forum and knew he had this case available.  He
gladly gave it to the cause of The
Soldier's Son Guitar Project to honor one
of our own, serving in Iraq.

Mr. Armstrong is owner of
Newberg's Music Center in Newberg, Oregon.
He can be reached at his website:  
Newberg's Music Center or by phone at
503 537-2196  Thanks George, Bruce
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