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Alisa J - L Double Oh!
Honduran Mahogany and Adirondack Spruce
Your Dickey Guitar
being crafted
This is my neice Alisa holding the Adirondack Spruce top for her L-Double
Oh!.  She accepted the challenge to come work as apprentice on her own
guitar the Summer of 2003.  We finished
the little blues guitar in three
weeks.  It has a wonderful tone springing from the red spruce and her choice
of back and side wood, genuine
Honduran mahogany.  The shape is an
early Gibson model, from the 1920's widely known as a favorite for blues
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Left - The selection of top and back wood shows a knowledge of tonewood, red spruce and mahogany.  Here the
top and back are joined, the top channels for rosette purling are cut, the backset is inlaid with a zigzag marquetry
strip.  Middle - The go-bar deck uses dowel rods for uniform pressure in gluing the red spruce braces into
position.  Right - A happy Alisa shows off her top and back wood to the family as her cousin, Warren strums on
his 12 string, see the elbow?  As you can see, we are just regular folks.  Give me a call and we'll go visit the shop
and pick out the wood for a guitar of your choosing.  
Left - The sides are bent, the neck and tail blocks are glued, and now the tail wedge trim is being installed.  I
use a standard Martin trim which actually comes from Pennyslvania and the Martin Guitar Co.  Middle -
Alisa is
taking a look at our hard work
, next the back gets glued on and the edges trimmed.  Right - This blue guitar
(you should always use blue masking tape when making a blues guitar) is really
genuine mahogany underneath
all the tape.  The tape is used when
installing the bindings and purflings, which protect the edge of the
instrument and give a decorative border to the woods. (click on images to see full size)
Left - Aunt Kay's breakfast table gets a workout as we come and go down to the shop.  Here the rough mahogany
neck blanks begins to take shape.  The dovetail is cut and gets a preliminary fitting at this stage.  Middle - The
clock is ticking, our time is running out, but Alisa still takes time to play a little "air guitar", imagining what it might
sound like only minutes from now.  Right - Bruce and Alisa fight over "play time",  tomorrow Alisa goes home to
Texas with her new guitar.  
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