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Andy R, Rosewood Grand A! with Florentine Cutaway
Your Dickey Guitar
being crafted
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Right photo:  After bending the Indian Rosewood sides to shape, the
Florentine point gets glued in the Gobar Deck.  This simple clamping
method has made it's way down through the centuries.  
guitars make reaching the upper frets much easier and add an
artistic element to the guitar design.
Upper left Photo:  Indian Rosewood bent to the grand auditorium shape,
Grand A!  To the upper left of this guitar mold, you see the electric
bender used for shaping the cutaway portion of the sides.  The main
portion of the sides are bent on a form using a heat blanket.  Once the top
and back are attached the form is removed.
Western Red Cedar Top - The
penciled layout for all the top
braces.  The main X-brace is
responsible for much of the top
strength and therefore much of
the final sound the top will
generate under the vibration of
the strings.
Grand A! - The grand auditorium shape is a really nice design.  
The length and width of the lower bout is the same as a Dred Not!,
20 by 16 inches.  That gives a full bodied resonance appreciated
by player and listener alike.  I can build one like Andy's for you.  
Behind the rimset,
Fall in Arkansas is beginning to take shape,
colors will peak soon, about the middle of November.
Left - Andy, the Mother-of-Pearl Rosette turned out nicely,
don't you think?  The cedar top will be finely adorned, especially
by the time we frame the top with MOP purfling around the edge.
Custom made for:
Andy R.
Dec 3, 2004
B. Dickey
Closing the lid.
Andy's guitar body completed today.
Binding is next.
Then on to the neck.
Left:  This Grand A! body is ready now for binding.  Notice the dovetail cavity for neck
attachment.  This traditional method is quickly becoming a thing of the past with the advent of
bolt on necks.  
Right:  The Indian Rosewood selected for this guitar is a very nice set,
the picture leaves a bit to be desired.  The tape above and below, are anchoring the teflon strip
which is to be removed during the
Mother of Pearl inlay down the back.  
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Go-bar deck left.  Right :  Notice the 25 foot radius concave dish
into which the pre-curved braces glue up tight, creates a dome on
the guitar, making it
stronger that a flat top.