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Olson Inspired Combo Bender, Bulbs and Blanket
Here is a jig that's a bit different than the Fox.  It is similar to Olson and Petros.  Simple to build and
inexpensive.  It is dedicated to a single shape, but I like it very much.  Improvements to this bender since I
started building them:  1)  No metal slats to fool with  2)  Ferrules, 6 inch bolts and Tee Nuts hold it
together  3)  It is rigid due to the form covered in 24 gauge sheet metal  4)  Use with the silicone heat
blanket and recently the added 2-200 watt bulbs, heating from atop the wood, and below the wood, great
combination  5)  And...  a Hot Tip for bending, turn off A/C units, and ceiling fans, or anything that could
cool the setup while bending, you'll avoid the pitfall it took me weeks to solve.
This is a bench model, notice the open bottom for bulb changing.
It is slightly compensated at the head 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch at the tail for spring back.
Notice the top of the upper and lower bouts are level, keeps the wood from sliding around.
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This holds it all together, 1/4 by six inch bolts, 1/2 inch EMT
ferrules. Ferrules are cut with a tubing cutter from electrical
metallic tubing, 1/2 inch. Tee nuts require drilling the holes on
one side up a size.
This is the simple 2 by 4 base, let-in to
the bottom board.
Okay, time to nail on the stainless or galvanized 24 gauge metal.
I use the 7/8 inch tempered paneling nail, due to the ridge rings on the shank.
And you can see the two bulb bases, and salvaged cord from something?
With the bulbs and silicone heating blanket, the wood doesn't have a chance, it's going to bend.

A good way to make penetrating the sheet metal is to use a 1 5/8 tempered sheetrock screw
and a hammer to penetrate the tough metal sheeting.  Punch a hole on pre-scribed lines and nail on about
three inch intervals.

You can get a digital thermometer at Wal-Mart for twelve bucks, in the kitchen gadget section.  
And that way, you know where you are and where you need to go, with the heat.  However you bend your
sides or build your bender, it's a satisfying part of guitar making, good luck.
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