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D96 Dred Not!
D96 Dred Not!

This guitar is an exercise in experimentation.  Above you see both my first flamed
maple guitar plus the first of this model, the D96, which stands for dreadnaught at
96 percent scale.  The Dred is famous, now let's see if a slightly smaller version
will make anyone happy.  This maple comes from a fella I met on Ebay who lives in
Vancouver British Columbia.  He supplies me with ths amazing material from his
father's tonewood cutting company.  Very nice material.
This guitar is underway, the head and tail blocks are in, linings, and dovetail neck join complete.  The
tail wedge trim is in and as you view the beautiful back of flamed western big leaf maple, you notice
the maquetry inlay which adds some zip to the wonderful wood.  I expect this guitar to be a big hit,
based on the famed dreadnaught, the 96 percent scaling will give it the size of a grand concert
guitar.  This one is looking for a home and it could be yours.  bd
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