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Bruce Dickey,  a local guitar maker was a
guest on KATV Saturday Daybreak program
on February 19, 2005, in Little Rock,
Arkansas.  Reporter during the interview was
Jason Pederson.  

Following are a few quick pictures snapped
as the TV segment ran during the early
morning news program.  It was great fun, the
staff was very friendly at the station and
made the experience enjoyable.  
Thank you
Jason, Dana, Renee, and Christina for
having us on the program.
Saturday Daybreak, KATV
Channel 7

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Jason Pederson
My son, Warren played two styles of
music on the Cocobolo and Red Spruce
GA, rhythm and fingerstyle.

Jason Pederson is a pro, set me at ease
and asked good questions.  It was over
so fast, but folks saw it and responded by
sending emails.

We had fun making the trip and hitting the
IHOP afterward.  Thanks Kay and Warren.
Thanks to Jeff Grace in Russellville, Arkansas.  Jeff builds really nice solid wood guitar stands for
displaying a fine guitar or other stringed instruments.  There is a link below:  Grace Guitar Stands, but
Jeff's website and endeavor are called
Designs by Grace.  Please take a look at his website.  We
loved your stands, they work well and are absolutely beautiful.
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