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KATV Channel 7, visits Dickey Guitars in Russellville, Arkansas
It was early, try 4:30 A. M., when Jason Harper, feature reporter for KATV, Channel 7 Daybreak Program
rolled into town.  Jason was accompanied by veteran cameraman
Casey (didn't get his last name) in the
KATV van.  Also rolling into Russellville, seperately, was
Stephen Robertson who mans the huge remote
satellite truck and was responsible for the Live Uplink for the remote broadcast.  Excited and somewhat
bleary-eyed the
Dickey family (Bruce, Kay, and JP) were ready for the invasion of the remote feature crew
from Little Rock.  Below are a few photos from the adventure.  March 23, 2005  (click on pics to enlarge)
Top Left:  Satellite truck in the driveway
Top Right:  Bruce talking with Casey, Stephen
and Jason discussing the Bass Fishing segment
coming up at Lake Dardanelle.
Left:  Dale Kellison and Steve Couch with their
instruments.  Dale is playing a Rosewood Dred
Not! with cedar top made in Russellville Arkansas
at Dickey Guitars, and Steve is accompanying on
his Koa Alembic Bass made in Santa Cruz,
Top Left:  Jason Harper takes a spin on a Dickey Grand A!  Jason is actually a
musician, plays keyboard and enough guitar to sound really good.
 Top Right:  The
Impromptu Musicians:
Dale and Steve, Bruce in the back, Jason, and on the right in
the blue, my son,
J. P. Dickey.
I'd like to thank Jason, Stephen, and Casey for making the trip to Russellville and for making the
TV segment on KATV a great memory for myself and my family.  Thanks to our friends
Kellison and Steve Couch
for coming to play for the TV audience, you stole the show making
some early morning music.  Thanks to my brother-in-law,
Jon Birmingham who because of a
non-life threatening attack of sickness, didn't get to be here.  He was responsible for contacting Dale
and Steve for the jam session and it worked out great.  Thanks also to my wife and son, who helped
me get it together, thanks
Kay and Johnny (J.P.)  Bruce Dickey
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