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The Dred Not! - Martin guitar made this model famous, the dreadnaught.  It's a full size and well recognized
shape and very popular for it's signature sound.  The one in this photo was
built for a friend who wanted a
'player's' guitar
.  What I feel he meant by that was that he wanted a one that sounded very good and felt
broken in like it had been around a while.  That's one reason we went with Western Red Cedar for the top of
this guitar.  The Indian Rosewood back and sides bring their own tone modelling addition.  This is
a very
balanced combination
.  The cedar top for this guitar came from Vancouver British Columbia.  Many of
these trees are between 2500 and 3000 years old, and may account for the tops having a mellow and well
broken in sound.  What a guitar.  I have ten aged tops waiting on someone in my shop.
As you can see, this guitar has an outstanding set of back and side wood.  Dalbergia Latifolia, Indian
is one of the finest tonewoods available to the luthier today.  I enjoy working with it, and it seems
to come in many variations of color, making it interesting from set to set.
The ebony fretboard is inlaid with mother of pearl dots as well as side markers.  Fretwire is the highest
quality in the world made by Dunlop.  The bridge is also made from ebony accompanied by a bone
saddle and the nut is bone as well.  
Bone is considered by many as one of the best natural materials
for the job.

I like the simple
Martin style bindings used on this guitar.  These shown are of the D28 variety,
matching front and back.  The finish is nitrocellulose lacquer and buffs to a high shine as the guitar
nears completion.  Final setup allows guitars to be fine tuned to the way a client plays.  This owner
wanted extra low action, but upon observation of his playing technique it was agreed
he really did
need higher action.
 After a quick look at the top we also decided on a pickguard because playing
technique dictated one as well.  That opportunity to work with a client to get what they want is really
special and brings a higher level of enjoyment when things are just right.

The necks of all my guitars are
Honduran Mahogany, laminated into solid blocks of wood with maple,
and rosewood slices for strength and beauty.  This guitar has a maple stripe.  The solid blocks are then
bandsawed to the neck shape and ready for further refinement during the carving process.  The
headstock of this guitar is overlaid with matching Indian Rosewood and inlaid with a mother of pearl "D"
logo.  The neck also uses an adjustable truss rod to fine tune proper playing action.  
All Dickey guitars
come with a hardshell case.
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Herringbone Dred Not, Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce
Drednot!  My version of the venerable Dreadnought by Martin Guitars
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