Dickey's M. Erville Page
American Watercolor Artist Circa 1890.
Dickey's Erville Painting #1
This small painting I call Familiar Pathway is by M. Erville and is
signed on the lower left.  It depicts a rural landscape with a
curved trunk tree to the left of a buggy trail.  To the right is a
fence and grove of trees in the distance.  
This framed painting appears to be all original except for
the foam backing board which was added, my guess is,
to flatten the painting in it's frame.  Yes it's chipped and
old looking, adding to it's old world charm I think.
Little information is available on this artist.  My hope is you will
find this web page and clue me in regarding the painter's
background.  A delightful painting, it makes me happy looking up
the pathway.  I purchased it from an antiques dealer in Greeley
Colorado.  Thanks for looking, Bruce Dickey
M. Erville. Signature Detail
Circa 1890.  
That date was given by an
experienced Antiques Dealer in
Colorado.  I have no reason to doubt it.  
Dickey's Erville Painting #2

O'Gallerie Auction September 2004, #0904-0013

Here is a comparison painting by this artist.  No picture.

M. ERVILLE (American, 19th/20th century) Watercolor on paper
Landscape with birch tree centered, lake in the distance. 7 in. by 12
in. Signed M. Erville l.r. with gilt metal pierced frame, within a shadow
box-like frame of hardwood. Over all 16 1/2 in. by 11 1/2 in.
There you go, two paintings by an
American Watercolor Artist, M. Erville.

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A tribute to my art instructor from the seventies.
Here is the O'Gallerie Link
Dickey's Erville #3

M. Erville Watercolor
A Cottage Scene with masonry bridge.  This artist has recently come to
my attention.  I am seeking additional information and am happy to
provide what I know for you via this page.  Please contact me if you
have an M. Erville to list or biographical info on the artist.  
Thank you, Bruce Dickey
bdickey (at) suddenlink.net
Left:  rear of framing.  Right:  detail of
frame trim.  Click either picture to
enlarge.  Thanks for looking, Bruce
signature detail

Dee Ann's Erville Painting #4

Posted: 9 Mar 2005 4:45PM GMT

I , also have a framed watercolor painting signed by M. Erville. It's a 9x11
landscape framed by The R. M. M. Co. The most interesting part is the
handwritten note attached to the back which says, " This little picture was
given to our darling by his Aunt Kate Potterfield,  Christmas 1904."

This picture belonged to my Aunt Dorothy Simon who died at the age of 86
a few years ago. She lived all her life in Charleston, WV. I suspect she
purchased the painting from a thrift shop or it belonged to someone in the
family and was passed on to her. The painting is well done by someone
who had talent. It's a fall/winter landscape of a little white house on a dirt
road, birch tree along a river.

Dee Ann

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Dickey's Erville #5

WLMcCarthy  (View posts)         Posted: 24 Mar 2002 11:12PM

Classification: Query

Were any of the Som(m)erville folks in possibly the 1800's artists by any
My wife inherited a lovely old painting that is signed by an "M. Erville"
And I have had absolutely no luck at finding any such person.

It was just a shot in the dark. Thanks.

Mac McCarthy

Dickey's Erville #6

WATERCOLOR ART - Vintage watercolor by M. Erville -
seller location:  Hershey Pennsylvania

View shows a rural setting - house, corn shocks - two light damp
stains upper left corner area - 5 x 9 inches - M. Erville is listed as a
19th-20th century artist on ArtPrice with one water color listed.
This sold at a local auction in Hershey.  May '07
Dickey's M. Erville #7

House by the Stream

This pastoral landscape depicts a small home
alongside a stream flowing into a river or lake.  
This one was found living in Springfield Missouri.  
June 14, 2007
Double click these images to enlarge.  
Left:  Painting with Frame, sizes?
Center:  Signature closeup
Right:  Back of framed Erville Painting
All Pictures use with permisson.
From the Collection of Dee Ann.
Dickey's, M. Erville #8

Spring Morning

This little Erville watercolor is located in Laurel Maryland.  
It is glued in it's original mat which is damaged beyond
repair.  The signature is in the lower left and the scene
depicts a dirt road passing a birch tree and small cottage
on the left.  9 1/4 by 5 3/8 inches.  Behind the birch tree
on the right and beside the house is a wooden rail fence.  
M. Erville consistently paints this type of rural landscape in
watercolor, circa 1890.  Posted June 2007
Left:  the damaged mat from an old framing

Above:  the signature

Spring Morning
I purchased this painting not knowing it was a rescue.  Here is the story:  

Hi, Bruce!  Thanks for the update. I'd love to see the final result of the picture.  

Just a brief history for you about the picture.  I found it as backing on an old print of one of
the dogs playing cards series. I have these prints hanging in my restaurant.  My partner
was cleaning the frames, pulled the one picture apart and there was this watercolor. He
looked at it and put it in the trash. I saw it and thought it was pretty and hoped somebody  
could give it a new life.  

Enjoy it Bruce. I look forward to seeing it resurrected.  M. J.  July 10, 2007
GG's Erville #9

The theme of cottages, trees, and streams
of water continue in this M. Erville
watercolor.  GGM from Wolfforth Texas
shares this one.
Approx 6 by 16 inches.
Used with Permission.  GGM Art Collection
GGM's Erville #9, click the image to enlarge.
John and Elaine's Erville #10

August 25, 2007 in comes and email from John and
Elaine, and that afternoon here come the pictures of
the M. Erville Painting.  This painting of the birch tree by
the stream and cottage is 7 by 12 inches.  One of the
loveliest Erville's yet.  Thanks to both of you!  From an
estate sale of a Methodist minister.

Used with Permission
John and Elaine A., North Carolina
Click on pictures
to enlarge.
Kay's Erville #11

Subject  is a house with creek in front  A pathway to
the creek and  the house in the distance.   The
painting also includes some Fall trees.
Approx 7 by 12 inches.
Used with Permission. From the Collection of Kay H.
I got this watercolor by M. Erville from an elderly woman who
bought and sold Antiques in
Cedar Falls, Iowa.  She is about 90
now but I see her quite often.  She is sharp as a tack.   She
probably won't remember the exact picture to give further info. I
bought several paintings from her 30 years ago.  She always was at
auctions so I am guessing that is where she got this one   Thanks
for all the help.  I will let you know what I find out if anything.  
Kay H.
(This painting must be signed or it's identity would be lost.) BD
I stumbled across your page on Erville.  Interesting.  I also
have an Erville watercolor with a castle, I think, in the
background.  Do you know the value of his or her paintings?
Thanks,   Debi94

 these wonderful old watercolors range in value
from $3 to $135, that is documented, so they aren't
particularly valuable.  I think the greatest value is in the art
itself, to be enjoyed for what it is.  So, I'm happy, just viewing
them when I walk past.  Bruce Dickey
Debi's Erville #12

M. Erville Castle
- In an email dated
September 14, 2007, Debi G. sends
the question below.  Her M. Erville
watercolor contains what appears to
be a castle in the background.  We'd
love to put a picture up right here
Debi.  Thanks, Bruce
Holly's Erville - Edge of the Woods #13.

Thanks Holly, this little watercolor by Erville appears
to be in the original frame.  It is very interesting and
complete too.  The pathway, body of water and
trees are common elements in Erville's work.  I put
an article on Wikipedia.org about M. Erville.  This
painting is 8 7/8 by 5 inches.  Found in a relative's
home in Hesperia California, the painting came from
Iowa originally.
Used with Permission.
From the Collection of Holly McKnight

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