Dickey's M. Erville Page Two
American Watercolor Artist Circa 1890.
Dickey's Erville Painting #14.
This small M. Erville watercolor is of a water driven
grist mill, very common in the late 1800's in America
and elsewhere.  Erville's work is dated to around 1890
to 1904.  Many of the paintings originated in the NE
United States but have migrated around the country
over time.  

Recently I learned of one being sold into Italy.  It is
included in these two pages but I've forgotten which
one it is.  This photo borrowed from an auction.  I will
try to authenticate it's ownership and get better photos
as well.  Wish me luck.  February 2008
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Dickey's Erville Painting #15.
Farm house with Gate and Shocks in the field

Auction location for this watercolor is Millford, CT 06040.
Original 1880 *?
Pennsylvania?* Watercolor by Listed Artist M. Erville. The
watercolor is in great condition and is in it's original frame is in great
condition too. The water color is small. It measures 11 3/4 in length by 7
3/4 inches in height.

I enjoyed seeing this little painting.  Listed, oh, where?  Doesn't say...
1880, really, is there documentation?  Hmmm....
Pennsylvania, I'm so happy someone knows.  Really....
To my knowledge there is no published information on M. Erville,
well, except for these two pages hosted on dickeyguitars.com.
Bruce Dickey

Posted on 22 Sep 2009, thanks for looking.
Steve's Erville Painting #16.

Wonderful news, a second generation M. Erville owner
contacted me on December 11, 2009.  He was given
an M. Erville watercolor painting which belonged to his
mother for 35 years.

He mentioned his mother, now 90 years of age, was a
doctor's receptionist.  She said one of the patients
brought a small watercolor in and gave it to her as a
gift back in the 1960's.

She said this gentleman was a charming old man and
they became friends over time.  The watercolor was a
holiday gift.  The doctor's office was in New Haven,

Thanks so much to this Erville owner who promises a
photo of the little painting soon.  We hoped this day
would come and are thrilled to know just this much of
the puzzle.

Sincerely, Bruce Dickey
Jan's Grandfather's M. Erville Painting #17

January 27, 2010  10:38 PM

Dear Mr. Dickey,

Can you tell me anything about M. Erville?

I have one of his works, a water color, which
is very old. It was in my Grandfather's attic, in an
old frame with brass corner plates on it. My Grandfather
was a dairy farmer in Jackon, MI. area.

The scene is the same location of the other paintings
on your M. Erville webpages.

Thank you,

Jan *****
This email query came overnight.  I
responded with what I knew for Jan
regarding M. Erville's work.  Some day
maybe we'll find some additional info.  
This Erville is in Michigan.  Thanks Jan
for emailing and we hope you send a
picture of the painting to post here.  
Sincerely, Bruce Dickey
Angie's Erville Painting #18
Thank you Angie for sharing your
Erville.  This one was located in Illinois.
Used with Permission
Angie's Erville
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