Dickey's M. Erville Page Three
American Watercolor Artist Circa 1890.
Vanessa B's Erville Painting #19.

Hi Bruce, I just came across your website after finding an M Erville watercolor in my garage.  It
was my great-grandparents.  I'm wondering where I can find more information on him and whether
this piece is very valuable?  Thank you! Vanessa B.

Used with Permission, Copyright Vanessa B.

Thanks so much Bruce!  Yes....This was from my great-grandparents and I have no idea how they
acquired it.  They were originally from Iowa and then moved to Alexandria, Louisiana and
owned/grew up on Hard Times Plantation.  They moved to Dallas in 1927.  

I was excited to be able to trace the painting, even it if wasn't worth much.  I haven't decided
whether to keep it or sell it, as I am bursting at the seams with things that were handed down to
me.  Thanks again for your informative site!  

So, that's so cool that you build guitars!  I bought a junior guitar for my 3 year old (now 4) and I'm
waiting to for him to begin taking lessons.  I am a real estate broker. VB  28 Mar 2011
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Dickey's Erville Painting #20.
Angela C. contacted me about this painting for sale at Goodwill.
4 Jan 2011, location:  Western part of New York
Thanks Angela for this one.
Dana J's M. Erville Painting #21.
The Windmill, signed by M. Erville himself.
Dana's mother worked at a thrift store in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She feels there may be a
possibility her mother acquired them there?
Used with Permission
Dana J's M. Erville Painting #22
The Fisherman's House with Red Roof
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Used with Permission
Dickey's M. Erville Painting #23
looking for more...

Signature detail on Vanessa B's M. Erville
You know it's authentic
when you see the
signature and the old
frame, and a few other
markers you can find on
Dickey's M. Erville Pages
Circa 1890

Windmill Signature

Details of Fisherman's House
No Signature is Visible
However, this painting has every marker of
being an authentic M. Erville.
There is a possibility that the signature was
covered over by the matting job?
Thanks Dana J. for sharing and for your son's
efforts to take these photos.
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