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Florentine Cutaway Side Gluing Jig
After the first session gluing the point block, you need a jig cut in the
exact shape as the point.  This was bandsawed with a 1/4 inch
general purpose Olson blade on a 14 inch bandsaw.  Simple, and
fast, even a two by four would probably work or two glued up.
There are actually two jigs to get this Florentine Guitar Side together.  The one
above is actually a piece of 1/4" material with a stop block glued to it.  The reason we need
a stop block is that glue causes workpieces to slide around until it dries sufficiently to grab.
The second jig is a shaped glue up block.  The setup is installed into the adjustable go-bar
deck, allowing for the two side pieces and the corner block to finally join.  By pressing down,
and the vee shape causing it to force together, you get adequate clamping pressure to assure
a good glue joint.  I use Titebond Yellow Glue, available at most lumber and hardware stores.

Notice the
CutRite Wax Paper behing the setup.  I use a small piece to line this setup to keep
the work from being glued to the tapered vee glue up block.  A point worth noting.....
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