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Indian Rosewood Oh-M!
w/ Adirondack Red Spruce Top - For Sale
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being crafted
The Oh-M! body, short for Orchestral Model, is a great all-around
body shape.  It is very comfortable and personal size guitar.

This one will ultimately receive an electronics package, as well, to be
determined.  This Indian Rosewood was a direct import by me from
India.  That took forever but it was worth the wait.

The Adirondack Red Spruce was purchased and picked by me on a
trip in '01 to Missouri.  The cutter specializes in this wood and let me
peruse all his holdings.  This is one of the nicest from that trip taken
by me and my son.
This combination of woods is a recommendation, based
on building one for my brother, Paul.  One player
commented, "this thing is a cannon".  I suppose that is
good?  I think he meant for an acoustic, it was very loud.