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Washburn Tater Bug Mandolin
Washburn Tater Bug Mandolin - Who knows how old the thing is?  Anyway, it's in for repair, top crack, top
drooped in the center under the string tension,
top brace popped off under bridge.  Back is cracked along one
of the ribs, some hide glue and a
cleat inside may fix that.  Missing from fretboard is ivoroid or ivory tusk.  Bridge
is not original, plastic saddle.  
Back plate is missing on the neck tuners.  Glue brace to top, repair top crack, glue
down pickguard at bottom by bridge.  Humidify the instrument and begin flattening the top before gluing brace.  
Here are some pictures.  JDT this is a fairly neat old mandolin,
maybe we can make it sing again.  Just click
the picture to enlarge.  Dec 1, 2004
Left, the mandolin top brace gets clamped while the hide glue dries.  The long crack to the left of the
soundhole, runs the length of the soundboard.  Once the brace dries, I'll close the crack too with
pressure from above .  
Right.  The back crack allows insertion of to tapered wedges, light from below
assist visual inspection of the progress to repair the caved-in top.  The top break, and the pressure
from the strings, and the loose main top brace, allowed the top to give way to the pressure.  The top is
now solid, and after gluing the crack, will be ready to re-string.  
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