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X-Brace Jig for cutting the slots
This jig holds up to fourteen 5/16th inch
blanks for simultaneous cutting of the
xbrace slot.  Half of the angled slot is cut in
each brace of the pair.  They are all
identical.  Care must be taken to assemble
at the correct angle, as it can be put
together at an incorrect angle as well.
After slotting, I radius and scallop my braces
usually made with Adirondack red spruce.  I have
used Sitka as well, just prefer the strength and
tone from the red spruce.  The grain width of the
spruce varies from about three grain lines, fairly
coarse, to ten or twelve grain lines, fairly fine.  I
prefer something in between those limits.
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Above you'll see a small image of my scallop jig for the main xbrace.  I would highly
recommend making the jig about five or six inches wide to give some safety margin during
use.  A pair of small handles would also improve that jig.  One side cuts a 25 foot radius arch,
the other cuts the scallop and taper, plus the flat area of the x cross itself.  
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