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Jigs and Tools and Processes used in my shop
Click on the links below for my other jigs and tools.  This picture is one of my most used
and surprisingly effective tools.  
It is a go-bar deck.  For centuries this method of clamping
has been used by luthiers.  This is simply my version of the tool.  5/16 inch by 36 inch long
hardwood dowels are sprung into place.  By careful placement and cleaning up the squeezed
out glue, a wonderful bracing structure can be effected for the acoustic guitar.  This
rudimentary and quickly built tool from scrap, may see me through my entire career as a luthier.
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Bi-Flex Linings for Rims
Luthier's Chisels, Sharpening
Neck Glueup
Go-Bar Gluing Deck and Go-Bars
Side Bender
Finishing Buffer
Electrical Requirements
Florentine Cutaway Gluing Jig
X-Brace Slotting Jig
Planing with a Router
Template for Brace Placement
Luthier's Prayer