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Jon B, Rosewood Grand A! Florentine Cutaway
Your Dickey Guitar
being crafted
Jon happens to be my brother-in-law, which is important because we share
a very close relative, my wife, his sister, Kay.  What a guy, and what a gal.  
Jon is an astute musician and knows a great guitar when he sees one.  
He's my ace-in-the-hole in the Research and Development Department.  
And... he's a great guitar player.

As time allows and as guitars become available, Jon will play songs for
recordings of the various instruments.  These
guitar sound clips will be
available for use by anyone logging onto Dickey Guitars website for a
listen.  Makes sense that there should be a page for listening to the various
guitar models, with various tonewoods to show the differences.

Jon is interested in a
full, well rounded sound, with lots of volume and
tone to spare.  I can't help but point folks toward the Grand Auditorium or
Grand A!.  Why?  Because it is just such a great guitar shape and size.  It
rivals the dreadnaughts for full sound.  And while it may not quite be a
dred, many folks really love it for it's added beauty.

We went through some newly imported
dalbergia latifolia and found a
really colorful set with nice grain.  (Indian Rosewood)  The top selection
was a really pretty set of Western Red Cedar.  And a mahogany neck with
a hard rock maple strip down the center.  Time to go to work.
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