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K and K Pure Western
Mini Pickups installed in
most guitars.

K and K Pure Western
Mini Pickups, plus preamp
volume control and
Phase switch combo +9V  
installed in most guitars.

K and K Pure Western
Mini Pickups and Sound
hole volume control
installed in most guitars.

Rarely, do I run into a problem such as removal of an existing UST
pickup and endjack, that happened recently and added an extra hour to
the labor cost.  On one guitar we had to add a small slice of bridgeplate.  
But most go in and out the door without a hitch.  These are the
best pickups we've found.  We use them in our own guitars, and install
them for all our friends and patrons.  I've never removed a K and K
Pickup, knock on wood!  But I will if you don't think this is better than
anything else you've tried and with a
money back guarantee too.
It is possible to utilize existing preamps already installed on your
 I've removed undersaddle transducers, installed K and K pickups,
and wired them to the existing preamp.  It works because both UST's and K and
K's are piezo transducers.  While K and K cannot warranty your preamp, you will
improve the sound of your guitar to an amazing degree.  
I've done it and it
works really well, the new K and K's will improve the sound of your
acoustic guitar over the UST's.

Email or phone
located on the index page.
You will get some of the best
sounds out of your guitar
you've ever heard.  Powerful
triple head transducer system
doesn't even require a preamp.
K and K Pickups Installed