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Late Night Visitor to Dickey Guitars
a 1978 L-34 Lowden made in N. Ireland
19 Feb 2007
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This small jumbo shaped guitar is Brazilian Rosewood with Sitka.  It was built
about 1978.  The typical split saddle bridge and abalone rosette adorn this
guitar.  It has very nice wooden purflings along with wood bindings.  If you
squint, you can see the top has wings upper and lower bout.  

The measurement at the soundhole is .240 inches, but don't be fooled, it's
simply a soundhole doubling layer each at .120 inches.  Very well done I
might add, camfered inside toward the opening so it appears as a single
thickness.  I like the clear "finished in" pickguard, very nice.  

The owner installed a Fishman Pickup system with microphone, it circles the
inside of the bass side of the soundhole for the controls, which are active
with 9 volt battery attached to the back.
Multi-lam solid wood neck, nice side purflings,
all wood.  Brazilian Rosewood side and back.
Mitered Purfling, everywhere.  Dalbergia Nigra.
Nice and Trim tail....
You can tell I'm a guitarmaker not a photographer, bd.
The owner gave $900 for this guitar in 1984.  He told me what
he thought it was worth today and I told him, to double it.
Brazilian Backstrap
Okay, take one peek inside, you nosy luthier types.  The
Lowden bracing features three lower tone bars, no finger
braces, but an extra, not-so-near parallel pseudo-x brace
where you would find fingerbraces on a standard x-braced
guitar.  Notice the odd shape of the bridgeplate, somewhat
dictated by the lower tonebar placement.  Cool huh!