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Margaret A - Cocobolo OSJ! w/
Adirondack Red Spruce Top
Your Dickey Guitar
being crafted
The back of this Cocobolo
is joined and braced.  
Both the marquetry and graft
are installed and ready for
fitting to the rimset.  

Cocobolo rosewood is one of
finest tone woods in
the world
, a great choice.
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Left - Top, Rimset, and Back of the OSJ sit atop the Drum Sander.  This sander is a special tool
to the luthier allowing precise thicknesses to be reached while building your guitar.  The top is
thinned to
.110 of an inch while the back is .090, as you can see, very thin solid woods.  The
engineering of the guitar is very dependent on
strong, light braces.  The sound of the guitar is
dependent on
thin flexible membranes, over time these elements were determined and put a
demand on the luthier's talent to get it right.  Right - a close up of the cocobolo showing the
inherent in the contrasting wood and the zig zag marquetry inlay, I love.
Top Left - D28 triple rosette  Top Right - Bracing layout on the rear of the red
spruce top  Bottom - closeup of the grain of the spruce and rosette.  
Each line in
the rosette
you actually started as a thin celluloid strip either black or white and
is glued up into a permanent mass and sanded flat to match the top wood.  
Top Left - Cocobolo Rosewood body, four piece
back, center trim is zigzag marquetry.

Top Right - Adirondack Spruce Top with D28 Martin
style rosette.

Left - Soundhole reveals beautiful cocobolo backset,
bracing and center graft.  The porthole in the graft
reveals the solid wood marquetry inlaid into the back
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