Montana Naegle
American Watercolor Artist
Thank you for such wonderful art

Above:  Montana Armstrong Naegle
Watercolor Artist - Wyoming

Left:  one of her watercolors of some

Snippets of two watercolors by Montana Armstrong Naegle.

Check out,
A tribute to my art instructor from the seventies.
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This photo shows Montana, her husband Stephen, and one
of Stephen's art students from Arkansas, Bruce Dickey.  This
is 1974, the car is new, a Ford Torino.

They entertained me and my wife on a trip to Casper
Wyoming and put us up and fed us.  Then took us to see the
sights, trout fishing, and just treated us like close friends.  Not
bad for a newlywed pair.

Monty and Stephen were wonderful hosts.
Cover for Southwest Art, January 1984

In this copy of Southwest Art Magazine is an article by Mary Carroll Nelson.  
The title of the article is
Intuitive Leaps and features artist Montana Naegle.

Purchased a copy on Ebay and can't wait to see what it says.  Thanks Mary
and Monty, Bruce

The opening sentence in this article lets us know Monty lost her husband
Stephen who was featured in SWA Jan 82.  So, I'm looking for another copy
of Southwest Art.
Trees and Fence
Watercolor by Montana Naegle from a
slide in the family collection.
Used with Permission
All rights reserved.
Airy Blue Flowers
Watercolor by Montana Naegle
From a slide in the family collection.
Used with permission.
Signature Detail of Airy Blue Flowers
Montana Naegle
Native American Dancer
by Montana Naegle, 1987
From the Collection of the Naegle Family
This wonderful art piece by Montana Naegle, wife of Stephen Naegle of
Casper Wyoming found it's way back to the family.  It was in the
Collection of the Avery Family but through some investigation and
generosity was donated back to the family after thirty years.  Thanks for
considering the long term disposition of this work of art.  And may this
depiction dance into the future, telling a story of life and love.  Posted
February 24, 2017.