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The OSJ or Small Jumbo
The OSJ! - The inspiration for this guitar comes from three places.  A friend named
Steve, Phil Keaggy, and James Olson, the builder of the guitar my friend Steve owns.  
Steve loaned me number 183 made by James Olson, to use as a model for
construction of my own molds and detailed drawings and measurements of this fine
Here is a link to pictures of the 1983 Olson SJ.

While I had seen Keaggy play one of James' guitars, I had no idea what it really was.  
SJ stands for small jumbo which is an oxymoron, right?  But it's the shape we're after
here, a jumbo shape with a smaller rendition of it.  Keaggy inspires me because he is
such an incredible talent and wonderful person by all accounts.

James Olson is well known in handmade guitar lore, being personal luthier to many big
names, recently James Taylor.  He's a great role model for guitarmakers far and wide.  
His perfection of this model makes it one many small shops emulate and I'm no
exception.  I can't wait to hear one I'm building right now.

Above is an Indian Rosewood OSJ due complete very soon.  It's a Christmas present
for my oldest son, who is away at college.  I love the clean lines and am truly excited to
hear it.  Right now the guitar is getting the top inlaid with Paua Abalone with purfling
lines for the rosette.  This particular instrument is matched up with another Western
Red Cedar top from my stash.  I better order some more and get it aging, ten may not
be enough.
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