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PhotoPhinish, take a gander.... CLICK on PIC to enlarge.
Recent work coming together.  Left- four tops both cedar and red spruce, adirondack red bracing, a few have
sitka tonebars.  Three have black walnut bridge plates, one has a Sycamore maple plate.  Center- pretty standard,
Martin style brace before truss rod advent, notice two upper transverse braces.  Right- Completed Paua Abalone
Rosette in cedar for an SJ, my first SJ and Ab Rosette.
Brace shaping on the router table using pattern following bits and a brace shaped pattern.
First rosettes, left is a .063 Mother of Pearl with BWBWB purfling from Martin Guitar.  Center is Paua
Abalone .098  with same purfling. Right rosette after completion, but before level sanding.
Zero Clearance Insert for a tablesaw.  Made of two pieces of 1/4 inch tempered hardboard glued
together then business cards add ten thousandths per layer until it's flush with the top of the saw.  
Once in position, raise the running lowered blade to cut the slot for the blade and that gives you the
tightest fit possible for small cutting on the tablesaw.  
Click pic to enlarge.  This is the famous 5/16th x brace
notching jig, developed by Bruce Dickey at Dickey Guitar
Engineering.  The base has 1/4 inch Tee Nuts from Lowes.  I
use carriage bolts because they are all threaded.  I use wing
nuts for tightening.  The two cross bars have cork applied to
the underneath side to grip each blank in position.  Also, I
have a filler strip in there to tighten against the blanks, if I'm
doing less than a full load of fourteen at once.  The cutter is a
straight carbide single bit cutter.  Run the router against the
left rail, the cutter will push wood against the stationary left
Someone wanted to know how to sticker Rosewood, here
is how.  Use stickers, any size you want.  These are about
3/8 by 3/8 inches.  You need to keep the stickers aligned
from bottom to top.  A lot of folks add weight to the top,
depends on the wood, here I just added some heavy planks
of hard maple.  
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On the workbench, January 17, 2006
two five string fretted bass necks.  
Click pic to enlarge.  These necks are
made of Macassar ebony fretboards,
German hornbeam, Purpleheart, and
North American Maple with birdseye
figure.  The four attaching inserts are
brass thread and the tuners will be
Grover Titans.  The truss rod is two
way adjustable at the heel of the neck.  
The neck is stabilized with two 1/8 by
3/8 inch carbon fiber slats epoxied into