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A Luthier’s Prayer

Centuries before I existed, you, in
your wisdom, were growing the
material I needed to build guitars.  
Thank you Lord.  

Before I was formed in my mother’s
womb, you knew my steps, and
have guided them and now I’m a
luthier, a maker of stringed
instruments.  Thank you Lord.  

Artistic craft mimics the scenes of
nature, a smooth glistening lake, a
beautiful butterfly, fine grains of
wood from forests grand and tall.  
Thank you Lord.  

Souls a plenty pass by who wish for
a fine instrument to enrich their
lives.  Thank you Lord.  

Abilities inate, learned, shared, a
fraternity of brothers and sisters,
each excited to be a part of the
rewarding world of crafting an
instrument.  Thank you Lord.  

Music, dear to your heart, mirrored
in my mind because you made me
like yourself.  Thank you Lord.  

And Memories, memories of
success, memories of love,
memories to help us over daily
struggles toward the prize, that next
fine instrument.  Thank you Lord.  

My tools are simple, my tools are
refined, but they are my tools, a gift
from you.  Thank you Lord.  

Whether anyone remembers my
name is unimportant, because you
know it, and never forget it, that’s
enough for me.  Thank you Lord.  

Bruce Dickey

October 19, 2003
DN Dred Not! after Martin
GAF Grand A! Grand Auditorium
Florentine Cutaway after a
Taylor 314
GAV Grand A! Grand Auditorium
Venetian Cutaway after a Taylor
314 I bought for my son
OSJ!  Small Jumbo after
Keaggy's Olson, 1983
L-00 L-Double Oh! after
Gibson's little Blues guitar of
the late 20's
D96 96% Scale Dred Not!
000 Triple Oh! or Orchestral
Model after Martin
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