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A Cajun Favorite, Red Beans and Rice
Okay, I teased you with this over the holidays meaning to
write up the recipe for you, so here it is for your enjoyment.  
This dish was made for my friend Emmitt who hails from
Lafayette Louisiana, Cajun Country.  He makes time in his
busy schedule each time I call him to, come and eat.
Click pics to enlarge.  Sorry no scratch and sniff, yet.
Combine this in a large pot or crock pot.  (crock pot will take you three hours, instead of 20 30 min.)
2 or 3 Cans of Red Beans, 16 oz. (you can soak your beans overnight, drain and cook them if you want to
use dry beans, pre-cook them, a one pound package cooked in 3 quarts of water until tender about an
1 Medium onion, chopped
1 Bunch of Green onions, chop the white parts into the pot, save the greens for crunchy topping
7 Cloves of garlic, chopped and crushed, more if you are real Cajun
1 complete Celery bunch, seven or eight stalks, it seems like too much but what are you going to do with
left over celery?
1/2 cup of Ketchup, I forgot this last time, still turned out good
1 Bell Pepper, Green, chopped
1 Bell Pepper, Red or Yellow, chop 'em up
3 or 4 Bay leaves, fish 'em out before you begin serving
1 Packets of crushed red peppers from the Pizza Place, or equivalent, a teaspoon maybe two
My recipe calls for Parsley 1/2 cup chopped and Ground Thyme 1/4 teaspoon, I don't use either, you may if
you wish.
1 or 2, one pound packages of Cajun Smoked Sausage cut to bite sizes, I quarter the sausage lengthwise
then crosscut.  (I say one or two, because my recipe calls for one pound of pickled pork in addition to one
pound of sausage.)  You can't mess this up, trust me.  I've fixed it six or seven times and the only way I've
damaged it's quality was to overcook it.  You won't do that.

IF you use canned beans, then really all you have to do is cook and simmer the vegetables until they
change color from bright green to a less bright cooked color, takes about twenty to thirty minutes, just
watch the vegetables for the color change and you are ready to serve over rice.

Now to prepare the rice, while the bean pot simmers.

Rice is easy, make a bunch.

4 Cups water, bring water to boil before adding rice.
2 Teaspoons salt, do one and add to taste if you don't want so much salt, but two is right.
2 Tablespoons oil, add to water.
2 Cups of Rice dry in a covered dish or pan.  I use Corningware dish on the stove top, two quart, but
stainless steel skillet would work with a good lid.
Start on HIGH setting until boiling and add rice then reduce heat.  You want it to simmer, but not boil over.
My stove top, big burner is electric, and 4 or 5 works to keep it cooking.
Now, once you add the rice to the boiling water you need to cook steady on reduced heat for 15 minutes.
When your buzzer goes off or fifteen minutes cook time, remove from heat and let stand covered 5 minutes.

You are now ready to sit down and enjoy a fine meal, oh, but wait, grab those green onion greens and cut
them up finely 1/4 inch long pieces no longer.  These cleaned, chopped, green onion tops serve as a
crunchy garnish for the bean concoction, ladeled over half a cereal bowl of rice, mmm mmm.  Top that with
salt and pepper, but if you are really looking for some Cajun zip, get you a shaker of Tony Chachere's
Original Creole Seasoning at the store.  Shake it on like salt and pepper, you gonna like it, I garonteee!

Call 1 800 551-9066 and talk to the nice lady in Opelousas Louisiana, she'll tell you how to pronounce
Tony Chachere's, that's what I did and my buddy was so impressed I knew how to say Chachere's in
Cajunspeak.  Oh, let me know how you liked it.
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