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Mountain Grove School District 91
Liberty School, Huckleberry Mountain, Logan County Arkansas
All, one and the same, different functions, School Church Cemetery
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Liberty School / Church
May 15, 2005
Decoration of the Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery
and annual potluck hosted by Sonny and Flo Dickey
You can tell it was a beautiful day up on the mountain.  Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery
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Rogers Mt Grove Church

Rogers Mt Grove Cem. Census
Original Deed to Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery School
and Church, also known as Liberty School.  
deed was issued December 10, 1913 and is for
two acres.
 This deed wasn't recorded at the Logan
County Courthouse until July 29, 1929
Second Deed to Mt. Grove School District 91, also
known as Liberty School within a few years.  
deed was issued March 20, 1925 and is for three
 This deed was recorded at the Logan County
Courthouse in Paris AR on March 24, 1925.