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Mountain Grove School District 91
Liberty School, Huckleberry Mountain
Logan County Arkansas
All, one and the same place, different functions:
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Rogers Mt Grove Church

Rogers Mt Grove Cemetery Census
Liberty Community, Spring Lake Road at Copper Springs Road Intersection
Huckleberry Mountain, Logan County, Arkansas

Prepared and hosted by Bruce Dickey

The area was widely known as Liberty Community and the school was first called Mtn. Grove  in 1897.  By
1912 it was renamed Liberty School. The school was also used as a church. This cemetery is also listed on
some maps as the Liberty Cemetery.  The location is on Forest Service Road 1601 aka Spring Lake Road.
The cemetery is at the intersection of Copper Springs and Spring Lake Roads. Highway 309, which traverses
Mt Magazine, North and South leads from Paris to Havana.

Two roads leave 309 to arrive at the cemetery. From the South as you climb up Magazine Mountain, turn
right onto Barber Ridge Road then left onto Valentine Ridge Road which will turn left onto Copper Springs
Road and intersect Spring Lake Road. Coming from Paris simply turn left and head East onto Spring Lake
road, it's located about halfway toward Spring Lake on the left.

From New Blaine, Chickalah, or Belleville you will find yourself on 1601 headed West to the cemetery on your
right. I tacked a sign on the GUM TREE noting that landmark.  Head on West from there.  This compilation
includes info from four published censuses either in print or online, from a hand-drawn map of Catherine
Eikleberry, plus information gathered on site or word of mouth from interested parties.   See additional notes

Identity                        Birth - Death                Information

Anderson, Infant           No dates                        Concrete marker says "Anderson Baby", East of 5 Children of
                                                                  Frank and Esta Rogers, South central part of cemetery
Apple, Bessie Ray       1912 - 1918                    Light Gray granite stone, one by two feet, North of Cordie
Apple, Calvin Earl        1910 - 1911                    Light Gray granite stone, one by two feet, North of Cordie
Apple, Cordie (Carter)  9-11-1870, 11-3-1957   w/o George William, Betty Cochran says d/o Jesse B and
                                                                  Lucy Jane (Brewer) Carter
Apple, George W.        4-21-1869, 5-2-1950      h/o Cordie (Carter), George William "Will" Apple
Apple, Gertie               No dates                         Grave is West of Lewis
Apple, Lewis                d. 10 Jun 1908                h/o Mary Lou, CSA, Company F, Cooke's 15th Regiment
                                                                  Ark. Inf., Civil War
Apple, Markus             No dates                         South of Lewis, concrete
Apple, Mary Lou         1845, 4 Feb 1936            w/o Lewis, also Mary Louisa (Patterson) according to Betty
                                                                  Cochran, North of Lewis, white marble
Apple, Pat                   No dates                          WNW of Lewis, concrete
Bates, Rutha               1897 - 1919                    Rutha Bates and the years are very clear on her stone. bd
                                                                 Rutha was 22 years old.
Bell, I. John                 1837 - 1914                    s/o Alexander and Mary M. (Oates) Bell, Company A, 11th W.
                                                                 Virginia Infantry, (Inft.) On stone, Civil War, 1910 census
                                                                 gives "
Israel John Bell," h/o Julia A. Bell.  Map of Catherine
                                                                 Rogers 1978 shows
"Grandpa Bell".  1910 census also shows
                                                                 John as 71, married 43 years, he was born Pennsylvania as
                                                                 was his mother, father born in Virginia. This census depicts
                                                                 birth year as:  1839 which is different than date on stone.
                                                                 Arkansas Death Index (ADI) gives d. 2 April 1914.
Bell, Julia A.                1845, d. after 1910         Concrete marker is South of John Bell.  The Map by
                                                                 Catherine Rogers says
"Grandma Bell" shows grave
1910 Census indicates a birth year of 1845, died
                                                                 after 1910.  Wooden marker with name placed September
Bozarth, Harriet           12-19-1935, 12-19-1935  "d/o Henry & Hazel Bozarth", 20 feet South of G.W. Kimpton.
Buchanan, Infant                No Dates                Concrete marker two graves East of Gustave Orth reads:
                                                                "Rachel Buchanan Baby", Catherine Rogers 1978 map says
                                                                 Rachel Rogers Baby, so I suspect that Rachel was actually
                                                                 Rachel (Rogers) Buchanan.
Burbank, Mrs. Amanda (Keeth)  1843 - 1930    Marker is gray granite. Betty Cochran says m/o W. B. Keith.
                                                                 Stone reads
"Mrs. Amanda Keeth Burbank".  Near West fence
Carter, Garland                No dates                   Gray polished granite with pink cast.  Rock footstone.  Grave
                                                                 is North of Waldo Ray Valentine.

Churchman, J. W.       1900 - 1902                   Nice gray marble stone.  John W. Churchman has a land
patent for 40 acres in 1860 in T6N R24W the general area of Liberty Community and proves to be J. W.'s
grandfather.  Betty Cochran found George C. Churchman and Rebecca Jane "Beckie" (Fink) Churchman and
family in the 1900 and  1910 U. S. Census of Logan County, Bear Wallow Township.  Although J. W. is not
listed in the 1900 census, he was born and died prior to the census of 1910.  Beckie lost a child between
those two censuses indicated by 4/4 and 7/6.  One child had died by 1910.  This Churchman family is the
only one in the vicinity at that time.  Very Good Betty, bd.

Dempsey, Frankie E.   8-28-1929, 2-21-1931        Dan and Minnie (Seedig or Sadig) Dempsey are the
parents of Frankie E. Dempsey.  She is divorced and in the home of her father Frank J. Hasen on the 1930
Census of Logan County, AR, Bear Wallow township.  Frankie is listed as a grandson of Frank J. Hasen, and
Minnie is listed as a daughter.  The marriage of Dan and Minnie was solemnized by Reverend Gustave Orth,
pastor of Liberty Church, also buried Rogers Mtn. Grove Cemetery.  Sonny Dickey told me personally about
Rev. Orth being the preacher at the church, while Betty Cochran found this census identity of Frankie and his
parents/ grandparent. Located NE part of cemetery.

Dickey, Alfred Randall  2-16-1924, 7-13-1985          s/o Allie Alfred & Clyde Harriet (Moudy), h/o Helene
Dickey, Anna Mary (Smoluch)  10 Jul 1916, 21 Nov 2002  w/o James Isaac, Jr., d/o Joseph Frank &
                                                                  Lucy (Cetha)
Dickey, Carl David       10-8-1947, 3-22-1967           s/o James I., Jr. & Anna Mary (Smoluch)

Dickey, Frank Carl              7-17-1908, 3-25-1967           d/o James Isaac & Savannah Ann (Brigham)
              "Lonely tired traveler, home from his journey."

Dickey, James Isaac           1-20-1861, 2-8-1936        h/o Savannah Ann (Brigham), s/o William Henry
                                                                          Harrison and Mary Ann (Hyett), Jim was a blacksmith and
                                                                          was known to grow a little patch of tobacco every year.
Dickey, James Isaac, Jr.      6-15-1905 5-10-1973           w/o Anna M. (Smoluch) f/o Sonny.  James built a
                                                                              pole cabin on Eikleberry Road on the place
                                                                              homesteaded by Clarissa Jones.  His mother and
                                                                              father bought this land in 1918, ninety some acres.
                                                                              Sonny Dickey lives on the north half of that place in

Dickey, James Joseph, Jr.  12-29-1958, 6-18-1996         s/o James Joseph "Sonny"& 1 wife: Geraldine
Dickey, Savannah Ann (Brigham)  7-7-1874, 1-27-1961     w/o James Isaac, d/o Benjamin & Mary (Lee),
                                                                         Catherine Eikleberry Rogers says Savannah
                                                                         delivered her and was a midwife to many.
Dickey, William "Noah"       1858 - 1932                            s/o William Henry Harrison & Mary Ann (Hyett), b/o
                                                                             James Isaac Dickey and Ida Modena (Dickey) Ward

Dunn, Millie J. (Churchman)   b. 1869, d. before 1896  m/o Gracie Dunn, w/o James Dunn.  Unmarked grave
of "Gracie Dunn's Mother" found on Catherine Rogers 1978 map. Millie's grave is East of James Washington
 Betty Cochran of Alabama finds Gracie Dunn's Mother, Millie J. (Churchman) Dunn 24 in 1893
wedding to James Dunn at  Yell County. Betty also  presents a U.S. Census which says Gracie Dunn,
adopted daughter in the household of James W. and Amanda E. Rogers.  (Born in 1869), she's 11 in the
1880 census.  Millie's husband James is remarried to Mary C. in 1896 showing in the 1900 Arkansas Census
of Scott County so her death was likely before 1896.  Millie is likely a sis/o J.W. Churchman also buried here
in Rogers Mtn. Grove. Wooden Marker with name placed on grave September 2009.

Ellis, Mary E. (Rynders)       6 Nov 1937, 8 Feb 2001      
"Rest in Peace", sis/o Benny Rynders
Ewing, George W.                b. Apr 1848                          h/o Linda, f/o John B., concrete marker is eroding,
                                                                           I found Reverend G. W. Ewing performing the
                                                                           marriage ceremony of O. O. Rogers 18 of Millard to
                                                                           Lida Dorrough 15 of Millard on 7 December 1913.

Ewing, James Dudley  4-12-1882, 3-3-1962  h/o Statia I. "Stacy" (Rose), s/o George W. & Linda
(Rogers).  This concrete marker memorial is of whimsical nature.  From the mailbox aluminum lettering on
top, to the blue yellow and red, cat-eye marbles embedded in the concrete, it exhibits an interesting way to
remember a loved one.  I always enjoy seeing it says Bruce Dickey.  "J. D. Ewing" is all it says.  Lineup: near
road J.D, then north is Linda, north again is George, and finally is John B..

Ewing, John. B.                 1889 - 1911                    s/o George W. & Linda (Rogers), J. B. on stone, also
                                                                   reads: "
Son of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Ewing".  Also has a nice
                                                                   rounded footstone.
Ewing, Linda (Rogers)        b. Jun 1850                   w/o George W. says Betty Cochran, who also gives:
                                                                   Lucinda Miranda (Rogers) from census. Concrete marker
                                                                   is eroding.
Fink, Carl L.                        12-21-1916, 10-6-1961         Sgt., Co. F, 137th Ark. Inf., WWII
Fink, Emly E. (Hodges)       6-2-1849, 11-17-1913           w/o Henry, spelled Emly on the stone
Fink, Henry                         1849 - 1918                           h/o Emly E. (Hodges), s/o George Riley & Lavina
                                                                              (Lipe) Fink, other dates for Henry from Don
                                                                              Rogers are 6-2-1843, 10-31-1918.  Company L,
                                                                              14th Regiment of the Kansas Calvary, Civil War
Fink, Ida Modena (Ward)    10-28-1892, 1-28-1958        w/o Macie N., d/o William & Ellen E. (Dickey) Ward,
                                                                             footstone reads "Dena", sis/o Dewey.
Fink, John Thomas              2-25-1880, 3-22-1962          h/o Lula Mae, s/o Henry & Emly E. (Hodges)
Fink, Lula Mae (Barfield)     8-24-1891, 7-20-1925          w/o John Thomas
Fink, Macie N.                     1-1-1886, 3-29-1968   h/o Ida Modena (Ward), s/o Henry & Emly e. (Hodges).
                                                                  Don Rogers says Lavina Jamima "Viney" (Fink) Rogers is
                                                                  Macie's sister.  Don says Macie was born on 1-1-1885.
                                                                  Footstone reads
"Macie."  Viney married Stephen Andrew
Fink, Raymond Leon          1925 - 1931                   s/o John Thomas & Lula Mae (Barfield), Don Rogers
                                                                    gives July 1925, and 6-5-1931
Fink, William Henry              2-10-1915, 3-25-1969
Frazier                                 No dates                   Concrete marker with way faded out "Frazier" in block
                                                              letters.  Being just North of James W. Rogers, the
                                                              granddaddy to ‘em all, to me is significant.  Who is
                                                              Frazier?  Several land patents display early Fraziers on
                                                              Huckleberry Mtn.  Betty Cochran shared a Confederate
                                                              Pension Filing of James W. Rogers which states that he
                                                              was married at the home of V. V. Frazier by James
Freeman, Child                   No Dates                     
"Child of Homer and Grace Freeman",  on concrete
                                                               marker, East of Mahala Freeman near North fence center.
Freeman, Mahala                7 Feb 1874 - 1938     Don Rogers givesw/o W. D.,  Flora Ann Mahala
                                                               (Rogers) Freeman and d/o James W. and Amanda E.
                                                               (Hodges) Rogers.
Freeman, Three (1) Children     No dates             Concrete block marker with inscription.
Freeman, Three (2) Children     No dates
Freeman, Three (3) Children     No dates
Freeman, W. D. "Bill"        1871 - 1944                h/o Mahala, Sonny Dickey said the Freeman Place
                                                             was NE of Liberty School on shortcut from Dickey
                                                             Place, the way they walked to school.  Location of Freeman
                                                             Place on map in Catherine Rogers book,
Fever Weed

Gray, Herder                       8-29-1906, 1-23-1921   Don Rogers gives s/o Joseph and Mary Eveline
                                                                    (Rogers) Gray.  Mary Eveline is the d/o James W.
                                                                    and Amanda E. Rogers
          "A little time on earth he spent, Till God for him, his angel sent."

Haston, Infant                        No Dates                Eroding concrete marker, six feet West of James and Anna
                                                                 Dickey, stone reads:  "
Haston Baby"
Hawkins, Kenneth C.           1917 - None Cut           h/o Laura J., nice burgundy double granite at an angle.
Hawkins, Laura J.                1911 - 1973                  w/o Kenneth C.
Henson, Aarom                   1883 - 1919                  s/o Brown Henson and Mary (Gray)
Henson, Alice                      16 Jan 1919 - 17 Jan 1919  infant d/o Arb and Eliza Henson
Henson, Arb                        8-19-1885, 1959           h/o Eliza (Ewing), (also Elton and A.E.), s/o Brown
                                                                    Henson and Mary (Gray)
Henson, Bettie                    17 Dec 1893,  30 Sep 1904    d/o Brown & Mary (Gray) Henson.  1900 U. S.
                                                                    Census gives a birth date of December 1893.  Hand-cast
                                                                    concrete marker reads: Bettie Hinson.  Marker broken
                                                                    numerous times and shows repairs.  It needs replacing.
                                                                    Dates are visible on this marker but due to damage,
                                                                    difficult to decipher.  Bettie's grave is first South of Brown
                                                                    & Mary (Gray) Henson.
Henson, Eliza (Ewing)  1886 - 1972  w/o Arbury Arlton aka Arb, d/o George W. & Linda (Rogers) Ewing
Brenda Trice from Obit gives Martha Eliza 83 years, Lila King submits 1897 school souvenir with Liza Ewing,
Karen Thompson wrote Emiliza on a photo, and Betty Cochran alleges Emma Liza.  So if you are confused,
just go with Eliza which is on her wonderful double granite stone with Arb.
Henson, George "Brown"    1852 - 1913            h/o Mary (Gray), Census gives b. Aug 1851, Stonecutter
                                                                   obviously got the dates wrong.  An attempt at correcting it
                                                                   leaves a bit of confusion.  This adds some interest for
                                                                   sure and bewilderment.
Henson, Mary (Gray)           1860, 3 Oct 1903   Stone reads,  w/o G. B. Hinson, age 43 yrs, G.B. is Brown
Henson, Steven G.              1901 - 1964                  Don Rogers gives h/o Vosie A. (Rogers) Henson.
Henson, Two (1) Infants      No dates                 c/o Arb & Eliza (Ewing) Henson, Yes these have concrete
                                                                    markers and are 12 and 16 feet South of Arb and Eliza.
                                                                    Likely these are graves that were marked with wooden sticks
                                                                    in 2010 by visiting relatives.  Likely Alice 1919 an infant, and
                                                                    Noble, 1917 an infant.
Henson, Two (2) Infants      No dates                       c/o Arb & Eliza (Ewing) Henson, Yes these have concrete
                                                                    markers and are 12 and 16 feet South of Arb and Eliza.
                                                                    Likely these are graves that were marked with wooden sticks
                                                                    in 2010 by visiting relatives.  Likely Alice 1919 an infant, and
                                                                    Noble, 1917 an infant.
Hignight, Children (1)            No dates                     These (3) children likely belong to Abner C. and Elizabeth
                                                             (McBride) Hignight.  Elizabeth later marries becoming the
                                                            second wife of  William R. Kennington.  The Hignight
                                                            children graves are due South of Mary and William R.
                                                            Kennington.  Elizabeth goes by Martha E. in 1910, Matilda
                                                            E. in 1900, M. E. in 1880 and Elizabeth McBride on the
                                                            marriage record to Abner C. Hignight.  The constant in her
                                                            name is the M and E, and the E, no doubt is her main
                                                            name, Elizabeth.                       
Hignight, Children (2)            No dates
Hignight, Children (3)            No dates                Center tombstone denotes "Hignight Children," centrally
                                                              located among 3 pairs of head and foot field stones.
                                                              Census records indicate Hignight children living in the W.
                                                              R. Kennington household per Betty Cochran.  These
                                                              three graves are in proximity to the Kenningtons as well.
Hoadley, Ruben              b. 1823, d. after 1910 Census  Concrete block inscribed as,
"Mr. Hodley".
                                                             Betty Cochran found Ruben Hoadley age 77 and Mary A.
                                                             Hoadley age 67 in the 1910 U. S. Census of Logan
                                                             County, Bear Wallow Township, E. D., Sheet 11a, and
                                                             mentions they would be likely individuals for the Hodleys
                                                             at Rogers Mtn. Grove Cemetery.  I concur.  bd
                                                             Wooden marker with name placed Sep. 09.
Hoadley, Mary A.             b. 1833, d. after 1910 Census  Concrete block inscribed as:
"Mrs. Hodley"see notes
                                                              for Ruben Hoadley.  Wooden marker with name placed Sep 09
Hollingsworth, Hattie           1895, 1-16-1903      Stone reads:  d/o
"L. D. & S. A.", Census gives:  Lewis B. and
                                                                Sylvia A. Hollingsworth.  Hattie was only 7 to 8 years old.
House, Henry                      No Dates                 Shown on May 1978 Catherine Rogers' map,
                                                               East of Alson A. Valentine.  Another House and likely
  related is the wife of G. W. Kimpton, Elizabeth House, who is
                                                               daughter of George House.  Wooden marker placed Sep '09
Hulsey, Sadie                     1908 - 1912            d/o Laffette M. & Ellen M. Hulsey who had a child named
                                                               Sadie in the 1910 Census but was not listed in the 1920
                                                               Census.  I notice that Ellen had previously lost a different
                                                               child based on the 1910 Census. bd Thanks to Betty
                                                               Cochran! Located Northwest of Dora & C. N. Rogers.

Kennington, Harriet       Actually the only marking on her stone is "Harriet," similar make except short / flat
on top and in proximity to the Kenningtons.  Note from Bruce Dickey 23 Aug 2009 visit:  even footstone
mirrors Mary E.'s footstone.  Mary's main stone is rounded, footstone is rounded.  Harriet's main stone is
squared, footstone is squared.  Same rippled stone used on both footstones.  As other census takers
surmised this to be a Kennington grave, due to marker similarities and grave proximities, I concur, bd.

Kennington, Mary E.           11 Sep 1858, 9 May 1894     1. w/o William. R., Mary E. J. Kennington is 21 in the
                                                                              1880 Yell County Census, Mountain Township in the
                                                                              home of Wm. R. Kennington.  She was only 35 years
                                                                              of age when she died.
Kennington, Sophronia       No dates                       
         "Aunt Phronia", see Francis Taylor
Kennington, William Robert        3-16-1845, 6-20-1910  h/o 1 Mary E., 2 Elizabeth (McBride) (Hignight).
                                                                               Elizabeth was previously married to Abner C.

Kimpton, Elizabeth               d. 1908                     
"J. Elizabeth (House) (Kimpton) Thomas"      North of
G. W. is a grave marked with field stones and in close proximity.  I believe this to be Elizabeth's grave.  bd
Three reasons:  1.  Info jotted down for a Kimpton? 1908?  that note from work by Mildred Wasser.  2.  G. W.
Kimpton was married to Elizabeth.  He died and is buried in RMGC, she remarried.  3.  The soldier Thomas
she married, is also buried in RMG Cemetery, but she isn't buried beside him, no one is.  I chose to
alphabetize by her longtime married name since she was so short a time married to soldier Thomas.
Daughter of George House and likely sister to Henry House also buried RMGC.

Kimpton, G. W.                    7-15-1835, 10-24-1904          Betty Cochran researched and found this
information based on U. S. Census records.  George W. Kimpton was married to J. Elizabeth (House), whose
father George House and son Levi D. Kimpton was in their household in the 1880 Kansas, U. S. Census of
Republic County, Richland Township.  The
"Kimpton? 1908?", is a vague reference from the July 1 1998
survey of Rogers Mountain Grove by Mildred Collins Wasser and is published online under the name of the
cemetery on the USGENWEB, aka rootsweb.com

Betty believes the grave is likely a child of Levi D. and Hattie A. Kimpton.  You find them in a separate
household to George and J. Elizabeth (House) Kimpton in the 1900 census of Logan County, Bear Wallow
Township.  By the 1910 Census George and Elizabeth Kimpton are removed from the county and Levi and
Hattie are missing a second child.  Through Arkansas marriage records Betty deduces that Levi is security to
sister Francis' wedding to C. T. Spearman at Belleville, AR, 1905.  She finds H. A. Studebaker marriage to
daughter Merna in Millard, 1912.  She also finds Levi as security to his mother J. Elizabeth to W. J. Thomas at
Millard in 1906 after the death of George Kimpton her first husband.  Incredible and convincing work Betty,

G.W. died in 1904, Elizabeth in 1908, so they wouldn't be around for the 1910 Census.   I would like to note
also that William J. Thomas is buried in Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery and Elizabeth isn't buried beside him.  
That leads me to believe that the grave near G. W. Kimpton is that of Elizabeth (House) (Kimpton) Thomas. It
is located as the next grave North of G. W.
                                      "My ship is anchored and I have safe passport."

Knox, John William              25 Sep 1939, 29 Apr 2005   s/o Fred J., SSG, U.S. Army, Vietnam, bronze marker
Knox, Fred J.                       7 Nov 1921, 16 Dec 1996     f/o John William, SFC, U. S. Army, WWII, bronze mkr.
Maida, Jeannette J. (Smoluch)  1 Jun 1922, 17 Jan 2008  Aunt to Sonny Dickey who says she lived at Bryant,
McNeeley, Clarence  E.      1909 -1911                    s/o J. H. & Emma, One of the most artistic
                                                                      tombstones in the cemetery.
Mina, Rosa                         No dates                         Infant, Concrete block marker.
Orth, Gustave                     No dates                        Sgt., Spanish Am. War & Civil War, 3rd New York Inf.,
                                                                      Reverend Orth solemnized the wedding of Dan
                                                                      Dempsey and Minnie (Seedig).  He was also the
                                                                      minister of the Liberty Community Church.
Payne, Infant                      No dates                        Eroding concrete marker reads:  
"Payne Baby" and is
                                                                      located two graves South of John W. Payne.
Payne, Belle                       1877, 22 May 1962        w/o John W., Betty Cochran adds that her full name
                                                                      is Maggie "Belle" (Apple) Payne, d/o Lewis and Mary
                                                                      Louisa (Patterson) Apple, no reference given.
Payne, Bunea                     1906, 29Feb1920          d/o John W. and Maggie Belle (Apple) Payne.  She is
                                                                      4 years old on the 1910 Census, and 14 years old
                                                                      on the 1920 Census.  The Arkansas Death Index
                                                                      says she died 29 February, 1920 in Logan County
                                                                      Arkansas.  From Betty Cochran
Payne, John W.                  1875 - 1941                    h/o Maggie "Belle" (Apple) Payne

                  "Rains - Oldest known graves in the cemetery.  BD"

Rains, Three 1. Son                8 Jun 1882                      s/o J.A. Rains and  S. F., upright slender engraved
                                                              fieldstone with fieldstone foot marker.
Rains, Three 2. Son                3 Aug 1884                     s/o J. A. Rains and S. F., Concrete block says
                 "Son  of J. A. Rains"
Rains, Three 3. Son                27 Feb 1889                    s/o J. A. Rains and S. F., Concrete block says
                 "Son of J. A. Rains"
Three Son of J. A. Rains and his wife, S. F., markers are North of large raised rock slab grave of Ruthy
Isabelle Rogers.  Ruthy's mother, is Missouri Ann (Rains).  It is likely these two added markers are for the
sons listed on the upright slender engraved fieldstone.  Incredible find, faint engraving covered by lichen.  
Interpreted by flashlight Aug 23 2009 by Paula Smith and her brother, Bruce Dickey, Margaret Dickey 82
gave up and was waiting in the truck.

I returned on Aug 25, 2009 and authenticated the dates by using the soft bristles and plastic end of
toothbrush.  The original marker likely had one listing, with each of the other two added as needed.  Markers
South of John William Knox.  bd   Betty Cochran submits that J. A. and S. F. Rains listed in 1880 Census at
Yell County, Arkansas, Spring Creek Township are the parents.  There is a J. A. Rains married to Rachel who
lived in the area but moved on to Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.  Rachel states that she is J.A.'s wife of 26
years and has 7 of 8 children living, precluding them as parents to the three sons of J. A. Rains buried at
Rogers Mtn. Grove.  Excellent work Betty Cochran!  Sure would be nice to have a copy of that burned 1890
census.  bd  Markers South of John William Knox.  bd

Rogers, Alfred Elijah           12-5-1886, 6-26-1960        h/o Versia A., also Alford, Alfred and Versia Rogers
                                                                      sold a three acre tract south of Liberty School and
                                                                      Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery to the school for a
                                                                      playground, storm cellar, and water well use.
                                                                      Married 13 February 1907
Rogers, Amanda Elizabeth  6-22-1842, 4-28-1925         w/o James Washington, (aka Mandy), Stone was
                                                                     damaged by vandals in 2004.  Restored to upright
                                                                     but break evident. Signer to two acre deed to the
                                                                     Liberty Community Church and Rogers Mtn. Grove
Rogers, Buffard                  4-8-1907, 5-24-1926     Bruce Dickey says: stone reads
"Buffard" and date
                                                                      was corrected to read 1926.  Betty Cochran gives
                                                                      Bufford M. h/o Pearl (Nicholson) Rogers.
Rogers, C. N. "Charlie"       1882, 10 Jul 1957          h/o Dora s/o James Miles & Mary Elizabeth (Fink),
                                                                      still extant Cornwell Funeral Home metal marker:
           "Charlie Rogers, 75 yrs." and it had death date.  Stone
"C. N.".
Rogers, Callie (Lee)            1874 - 1954                   w/o Tom M., Don Rogers gives probably Susan
                                                                      Caroline (Lee) Rogers b. 1873 and d/o Thomas A
                                                                      and Martha J. Lee.  Callie raised Ila Mae and Wava Mae,
                                                                      daughters of Irving and Claudia for a time, until Irving
Rogers, Calvin                    No dates                        Infant, grave within 20 feet of South fence line near road.
Rogers, Clara                     3-10-1922, 6-21-1951    d/o James Ben Franklin "Frank" & Esta Christina
                                                                       (Barnes) Rogers
Rogers, Claudia E. (Dickey)  5-20-1902, 3-14-1982  1 w/o Irving Lavestal, d/o James Isaac &
                                                                       Savannah Ann (Brigham)
Rogers, Dora                     1882 - 1930                    w/o C. N. "Charlie", d/o Thomas A. & Martha Jane
                                                                       (Moore) Lee.
Rogers, Elmer Lesley         8-29-1888, 8-12-1900    s/o James Miles & Mary Elizabeth (Fink), Concrete
                                                                       upright marker is broken in three pieces.  Still mostly
                                                                       legible, shows signs of previous repairs, should be
Rogers, Esta C.                        1890 -1952               w/o James Benton Franklin "Frank" B. Rogers, Esta
                                                                       Christina (Barnes) Rogers
Rogers, Everett Earl           7-22-1902, 7-7-1973       h/o Pearl Marie
Rogers, Five (1) Children   No dates                         c/o Frank B. & Esta C. Rogers, located in the South
                                                                        central part of the cemetery.  All are marked with eroding
                                                                        concrete markers.  Slightly W and N of Frank and Esta
                                                                        Rogers double granite marker.
Rogers, Five (2) Children   No dates                          c/o Frank B. & Esta C.
Rogers, Five (3) Children   No dates                          c/o Frank B. & Esta C.
Rogers, Five (4) Children   No dates                          c/o Frank B. & Esta C.
Rogers, Five (5) Children   No dates                          c/o Frank B. & Esta C.
Rogers, Frank B.                1885 1967                       h/o Esta Christina (Barnes), also James Benton Franklin
                                                                       Rogers says Don R. Rogers
Rogers, Four (1) Children        No Dates                  Central concrete block marker reads:  
"Children of
                                                                       Harvey and Rosa Rogers"
, East of Gustave Orth, Don
                                                                       Rogers adds;  Harvey Wilburn and Rosa (Redding)
                                                                       Rogers.  All four graves are marked with fieldstones head
                                                                       and foot.
Rogers, Four (2) Children        No Dates                   Children of Harvey & Rosa Rogers, East of Gustave
Rogers, Four (3) Children        No Dates                   Children of Harvey  & Rosa Rogers, East of Gustave
Rogers, Four (4) Children        No Dates                   Children of Harvey & Rosa Rogers, East of Gustave
Rogers, Inez L.
"Garee"     12-31-1907, 8-21-1988   2 w/o Irving Lavestal
Rogers,  Infant                       No Dates                     
"Acie Rogers Baby",Infant, North of Frank B. and Esta
                                                                       C. Rogers children. Eroding concrete marker, census
                                                                       shows Charles "Acie" Rogers being married twice and
                                                                       having had six (6) children by each wife.
Rogers, Infant   
                  No dates                       c/o  C.N. "Charlie" & Dora, nice white marble stone set in a
                                                                      concrete base.
Rogers, Two (1) Infant        No dates                 c/o Thomas Jefferson & Nancy Ellen (Miller) Rogers,
                                                                Says Michael N. Rogers.  These two burials marked
                                                                with fieldstones and are located due East of a huge
                                                                raised slab grave which is also unmarked.  Wooden marker
                                                                placed Sep 2009.
Rogers, Two (2) Infant        No dates                 c/o Thomas Jefferson & Nancy Ellen (Miller) Rogers
                                                                Says Michael N. Rogers.  These two burials marked
                                                                With fieldstones and are located due East of a huge
                                                                raised slab grave which is also unmarked.  Wooden marker
                                                                placed Sep 2009.
Rogers, Infant                     d. 21 Mar 1916                  c/o  Tom M & Callie, beautiful small gray marble with
                                                                           bird and vines
Rogers, Irving Lavestal       8-18-1900, 12-1-1965          1. Claudia Dickey 2.Inez L
. "Garee", (aka "Rog"), f/o
                                                                             Ila Mae and Wava Mae Rogers
Rogers, James Miles          24 Nov 1857, 29 Mar 1939     h/o Mary Elizabeth (Fink)
Rogers, James S.              10-27-1894, 4-16-1895        This youngster is the second grave North of Mary S.
                                                                    Rogers.  Nice small tombstone, blackened by lichen
                                                                    and hard to read though well cut.
Rogers, James Washington  13 Nov 1831, 14 Apr 1917  h/o Amanda Elizabeth (Hodges), Co. L, 14 Kansas
                                                              Cavalry, Civil War, James W. and Amanda E. donated a two
                                                              acre tract to Liberty Community Church for use as a
                                                              school and cemetery in 1913.  First known school 1897, first
                                                              known burial 1882.  One cemetery census mistook Jas. for
                                                              Jess.  There is no Jess Rogers.

Rogers, Mary Elizabeth (Fink)    1-25-1853, 10-6-1911   w/o James Miles d/o George Riley & Lavinia (Lipe)

Rogers, Mary S. (Sharp)     23 Jan 1861, 21 Oct 1904    w/o William J., d/o Spencer R & Julia A. (Fink) Sharp
  "As a wife devoted, as a mother affectionate, as a friend ever kind and true."

Rogers, Osby L.                  18 Jun 1916, 23 Jan 2002    Osby Larenzo, PFC U. S. Army, WWII, granite
                                                                                stone by Ocker Monument, Van Buren, AR, bronze
                                                                                military marker, very nice funeral home marker from
                                                                                Roller Funeral Home.  Osby Rogers and Sonny
                                                                                Dickey had the two acres of Liberty School and
                                                                                Rogers Mt Grove Cemetery surveyed and platted in
Rogers, Pearl Marie            2-28-1920, 5-31-1985          w/o Everett Earl

Rogers, Ruthy Isabelle        No dates                                 Don Rogers says d/o Joseph Washington and
                                                                                 Missouri Ann (Rains) Rogers. Don Rogers show
                                                                                 Missouri as buried in the Benton Cemetery in
                                                                                 Warner, Oklahoma and  Joseph as buried in Box
                                                                                 Cemetery, Blackgum, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma.
                                                                                 Someone mined this slab rock locally, it has
                                                                                 engraved a very beautiful script of the full name of
                                                                                 this child.  Someone gave up a good job of cleaning
                                                                                 and etching the name back into the rock in 2009.
                                                                                This landmark grave would certainly benefit from a
                                                                                 foundation and resetting of the raised slab which
                                                                                 has cracked in half.

Rogers, Tom M.                 14 Jan 1870, 28 Mar 1921     h/o Callie (Carter), similar stones Callie and Tom,
                                                                            located in the North central part of the cemetery.
Rogers, Ursie M.                 5-8-1899, 8-22-1899     A tiny advertisement adorns the face of Ursie's
                                                                          stone, the proud mark of a maker, Arnn & Houston,
                                                                          Magazine, AR.   First grave North of Mary S. Rogers.
                                                                          Catherine Rogers has a "May Rogers" listed there, so it
                                                                          was likely Ursie May Rogers.  This is a nice small
                                                                          tombstone and similar to James S. Rogers.
Rogers, Versia Arabelle (Henson)  8-26-1889 2-15-1976   h/o Alfred E., signer of 3 acre deed to the school
                                                                          playground, well, and storm cellar areas.
Rogers, William J. "Willie"    Jan 1865 - 1951            aka "Willie", h/o 1 Mary S. (Sharp), 2 Molly (Ramsey),
                                                                          s/o James and Amanda Rogers, Anvil and Hammer
                                                                          denote blacksmith
Rogers, Willard                   May 1908, Oct 1910           Don Rogers says s/o Alfred Elijah and Versia Arabelle
                                                                            (Henson) Rogers, footstone says: "Son".
Rynders, Franklin Eugene  3 Aug 1940, 14 Feb 2009     "Benny", Delbert Faradice & Nellie Mae (Dickey)
                                                                                 (Hildebrand) Rynders, b/o Mary (Rynders) Ellis and
                                                                                 Margaret Rynders.
Rynders, Margarette E. G.  2-12-1931, 6-2-1942             d/o of Delbert Faradice & Nellie Mae (Dickey), sis/o
                                                                                 Benny Rynders and Mary Ellis.
Scrivner, Infant                 No dates                                   Concrete marker states:  "Scrivner Baby", North of
                                                                                Anderson Baby, and Frank and Esta C. Rogers
Smoluch, Edward Mike       1-20-1920, 7-04-1997            s/o Joseph Frank, (aka Eddy), U.. S. Army, WWII
Smoluch, Frank P.              2-24-1915, 11-1-1980            s/o Joseph Frank, Tec 4, US Army
Smoluch, Joseph Frank      3-12-1893, 6-15-1959            Born in Poland
Snodderley, Edith               1874 - 1935                            w/o Orestus Herbert
Snodderley, Jasper "Joker"  6-14-1908, 5-7-1942
Snodderley, Minnie             2-10-1911, 5-7-1942
Snodderley, Orestus Herbert  12-15-1868 12-1-1948     h/o Edith, "Grandfather" and "Beloved Father".
Snodderley, Robert            8-20-1937, 5-7-1942             Four year old Robert and his parents, Joker and
                                                                              Minnie, died in a truck wreck say Margaret Dickey
                                                                              and Sonny Dickey, independently.  Arline Gray told
                                                                              me the same story.
Squires, Clarence               7-14-1903, 10-20-1906         s/o Robert & Julia E. "Mae" (Mason), "Gone but
                                                                              not forgotten."
Squires, Julia E. "Mae" (Mason)  25 Dec 1865, 17 May 1934      1 w/o Albert W. Cherry,
                                                                                     2 w/o George M. Melchor,   
                                                                                     3 w/o Robert N. Squires
Squires, Robert N.                 d. after 1937                     Someone added two small granite markers for Julia
                                                                             and Robert Squires about 2004, only one grave for
                                                                             an adult is visible, marked with fieldstones near
                                                                             Clarence's grave.
Stapleton, Amanda Jane     2Nov 1923, 27Jan1964       Bronze marker with two branches each with three
                                                                             pine cones.
Stapleton, Betty Jane         15Dec1941, 17May1974      Bronze marker with mountain scene, sunset,
                                                                             rivers, spruce trees.
Stapleton, Hoyle L.             12 Sep1921, 30 Aug 2000   Bronze marker with cross.  h/o Margaret Amanda
                                                                             Jane (Sanders), from Paris Express obituary:  f/o
                                                                             Jack Stapleton of Clarksville, Bill Stapleton of New
                                                                             Blaine, Jimmy Stapleton of Arizona, one step
                                                                             -daughter, Tammy Stapleton, and one daughter
                                                                             Betty Jane Stapleton.  s/o Hugh Abner and Myrtle
                                                                             Elizabeth (Smith) Stapleton.  Blank death date on
Stapleton, F. M. "Marion"        1860 - 1930                      h/o Mary, has a nice gray marble footstone which
                                                                              reads, "Marion"
Stapleton, Mary                 1865 - 1940                            w/o F. M. "Marion", footstone reads:  "Mary"
Stapleton, William F. "Bill"    5-5-1909, 9-4-1969              PFC, Company D, 359th Arkansas Infantry,
Studebaker, Abe                No Dates                                Shown on Catherine Eikleberry Rogers hand drawn
                                                                              map of May 20, 1978 is "Abe Studebaker" grave.  It
                                                                              is located near the West fence between Amanda
                                                                              Burbank and Enos Studebaker. Verified by bd 2009.
                                                                              Wooden marker placed Sep. 2009.  While this
                                                                              fieldstone grave exists right where it is mentioned,
                                                                              there is another Abraham Studebaker buried in the
                                                                              RMGC.  It is possible that this is his son?  However,
                                                                              the evidence is based solely on Catherine's map.
Studebaker, Enos              10-9-1841, 1-5-1905
"An honest man, the noblest work of God."

Studebaker, Infant                No dates                              Concrete marker West of A. W., third grave South of
                                                                                Brown Henson.
Studebaker, A. W.              1-31-1827, 5-3-1909       
      "Age 82 yrs. 3 mo. 29 da."  One of the more unique
                                                                              and beautiful stones in the cemetery, special marble.
                                                                              "A. W. Studebaker" is the spelling on the tombstone.
                                                                              Abraham W. Studebaker, h/o Louina or Louisa,
                                                                              census says he was born in January 1827 in Ohio.
                                                                              Louisa was born January 1831 in Mississippi.  He
                                                                              was 73, she 69, in the 1900 Census.
Taylor, Francis                 No dates                                 "Aunt Frank" is what it says atop her tombstone.
                                                                              Next to and practically identical to "Aunt Phronia"
                                                                              stone, Sophronia Kennington.
Teague, Henery C.            1819 - 1903                           Bruce Dickey says stone has spelling of Henery C.
                                                                             and the years, only.
Thomas, William J.             No dates                                h/o Elizabeth House Kimpton Thomas, Civil War,
                                                                             Company A, 145th Ohio N G, 1861 - 1865,

Landmark Grave - Raised Slab"

"Unknown Grave"                No Dates                               This unknown grave features a large, even double
size, raised slab rock.  It is located in the West central part of the cemetery.  This burial is significant to the
cemetery because of it's landmark status.  Another similar grave but smaller is that of Ruthy Isabelle Rogers.  
Jack King even with Catherine Rogers help, could do no more than conjecture it is a Rogers, adding a
question mark after the name on the map.  There is also some suggestion that it is a double grave due to it's
size.  I heard one comment of the possibility of bears tampering with grave sites, allowing that a rock slab
could protect the grave.  The slab has cracked in half over the years and vandals did their best in 2004 to
unseat it, but it remains yet today.  This grave site would be a candidate for resetting of the stones this time
using a foundation and mortar.

Valentine, Ada F.               1-23-1865, 5-9-1951             w/o Alson A., "Mother", "At Rest."  Ada F. Fentress
                                                                             (Strong) Valentine
Valentine, Alson A.             1-16-1860, 5-2-1932             h/o Ada F. Fentress (Strong), s/o John I. & Francis
                                                                             Valentine.  His name is also spelled Allison

Valentine, Christine Anita   11-12-1925, 11-20-1925       This wonderful stone has a heart face, with info
                                                                              inscribed inside.
                       "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven."

Valentine, Emery E.           12-14-1893, 11-18-1982       h/o Rosa E. (Apple), f/o Rose Dixon
Valentine, J. Eustace          5-28-1895, 1-20-1973          h/o Pearl, Corporal, Battery F, 142nd Arkansas
                                                                             Artillery, WWI

Valentine, Fentress            5-24-1898, 8-29-1899           s/o Alson A. & Ada F.
"Our darling one has gone before, to greet us on the other shore."

Valentine, Lelia                  1891 - 1939                           "At Rest."
Valentine, Pearl                 10-5-1896, 4-25-1963            w/o Eustace J.
Valentine, Rosa E. (Apple) 12-9-1901, 1-26-1983           w/o Emery E., m/o Rose Dixon
Valentine, Waldo Ray         1-1-1925, 1-6-1925               Stone depicts resting lamb with two leaved
                                                                        branches.  Small tombstone North of Emery and
                                                                        Rosa Valentine.
Ward, Ellen Elizabeth (Dickey)   12-13-1871, 3-7-1958   w/o William L. "Will", m/o Dewey Ward and Ida
                                                                        Modena (Ward) Fink, sis/o James Isaac Dickey,
                                                                        d/o William Henry Harrison and Mary Ann (Hyett)
                                                                        Dickey of Paducah, Kentucky
Ward, William L. "Will"         8-31-1867, 6-21-1953      h/o Ellen Elizabeth (Dickey), f/o Dewey, who moved to
                                                                         Richmond California says Lila King, also f/o Ida
                                                                         Modena (Ward) Fink.
Whitwell, Hugh Elvis "Mack"       3-5-1902, 4-3-1967   2nd h/o Lydia Golda (Dickey) (Still)
Whitwell, Lydia Golda (Dickey) (Still)  14Jan1898, 20Feb1999  1 w/o Dean Still, 2 w/o Mack, d/o James Isaac
                                                                        &  Savannah Ann (Brigham), lived to be 101,
                                                                        m/o Jimmy Still.
Woods                                 No dates                              Concrete marker near road.
Zeiler, Andrew D.                 8-21-1870, 1-30-1972         h/o Laura Lee
Zeiler, Laura Lee                 9-13-1887, 8-3-1973           w/o Andrew D.
Zeiler, Opal Lee                  2-16-1930, 3-27-1967          h/o Thelma
Zeiler, Thelma                    10-13-1932, 12-24-1967       w/o Opal Lee
Zeiler, Tomey Lee               5-10-1965, 2-18-1969          Stone depicts a child with a lamb, looking away.

*ADDITIONAL NOTES, As of August 22, 2009, I became aware of additions to this Rogers Mtn. Grove /
Liberty Cemetery Census from sources other than on site surveys, likely from obituaries or other
documentation.  Anyone looking at this census should be aware of these other cemeteries.  I have gone back
and purged this census, if the addition, was on the strength of unclear information.  If there is a marker or
other credible supporting documentation then it is proper to include them in the survey and census listing.  
Here are the other similar cemeteries in Logan County which can easily be confused: 1.  Liberty Church
Cemetery, Driggs 2.  Liberty Cemetery, Scranton  3. Mt. Grove Cemetery, Sugar Grove near Magazine 4.  
Sugar Grove Cemetery, near Magazine 5.  Logan Cemetery, Sugar Grove near Magazine 6. Liberty

Two maps of the cemetery exist, the first is by Catherine Eikleberry Rogers hand drawn on brown Kraft paper
and has notes to a draftsman, dated 20 May 1978.  The second map is by Jack King May 1978 and is more
compact.  Several other censuses of Rogers Mountain Grove Cemetery exist as well:  1.  1965 North Logan
County Cemeteries  2.  1994 bethg.shutdown.com by Arline Gray and Mabel Roseborough  3.  1998
Rootsweb.com by Mildred Collins Wasser  4.  and this one:  2009 dickeyguitars.com by Bruce Dickey

Updated 18 September 2009 .   You may freely use this census, please acknowledge the source.
Bruce Dickey, Russellville, AR, Trustee, Rogers Mtn. Grove Cemetery, Liberty Community, Logan Co. AR