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Mountain Grove School District 91, established in1897
aka Liberty School, Huckleberry Mountain, Logan County Arkansas
All, one and the same, different functions, School Church Cemetery
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The Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery is an endowed cemetery.  No there isn't a lot of money, just a little, but it
keeps the grass mowed back year after year.  Donations are accepted and are tax deductible.  Catherine and
Arlton Rogers were behind the effort to set up a Trust Agreement in 1977.  There were three original donors
and five trustees accepted responsibility for the trust.

Current members of the Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery Permanent Maintenance Fund are as follows:

1  Bob Dixon, Sec/Tres, 479 355-0595
2  Don Corbin, 479 229-3429
3  Bobby Dickey, 501 262-4879
4  Lila King, 501 224-7959
5  Bruce Dickey, 479 970-0077

According to the Trust Agreement donations may be given to any Trustee.
Sonny has served as Secretary and Treasurer since 1994.
Eventually all money is handled through him so I'll post his address for donations.
Feel free to contact any trustee regarding the cemetery.

Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery
C/O Bob Dixon, Sec/ Tres
P.O. Box 4
Belleville, AR  72824

The Trust maintains two accounts, one is the permanent trust fund at Chamber's Bank Danville, AR.
The interest on this Certificate of Deposit pays to the checking account, which is the operating fund.
The Building Fund was closed and added to the Operating Fund.

Balances as of May 14, 2015 - Trust Fund CD $22,000.00,  Operating Fund $1,345.64

(Balances as of May 28, 2009 -  Trust Fund CD $16,378 -  Operating Fund $2,264)

The Trust obtained a Federal Tax ID in 1977.
Donations may be stipulated for the endowment to the Trust Fund, or to the Operating Fund.
According to the trust agreement money in the trust may not be used, only the interest it produces
Currently the trust fund generates about $327 a year.
The light bill for the building is about $288 a year.
Donations to the operating fund are accepted as well as to the trust fund.
Photos from Decoration May 17 2009
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