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E I Rosewood Topped Grand A!  Double top and back flitch-matched sets
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being crafted
This guitar is a challenge thrown down by a friend on a luthier's
forum.  "How good would a solid rosewood guitar sound, with even
the top made from quality rosewood from India?"  I knew it was
something I'd considered for at least a year or maybe two.

Of course there are the educated naysayers and one has to listen
to the voice of experience.  They actually convinced me it might be
a flop, based on the mathematics of the woods being used.  But
after days of consideration, I still wanted to try it.

So undoubtedly this guitar is unique, and may live alone as a
testament to wisdom unheeded and lessons hard-learned.  Well, I
may just have to put four legs under it and put it on Ebay as a
coffee-table conversation piece.  Here goes.

My thanks to Walter and Michael for their encouragement and
assistance.  Take a look at Michael Payne's early rendering of the
Click images to enlarge:  we'll do some  high res images when this is done.
Michael sent a few more
renderings today, look at that
rosette.  He says that the shading
and light reflection comes late in
the process.  So this is even
lighting on every surface.  More to
it than meets the eye, Bruce D.
Click first pic below for
a high res image.  bd
In these two renderings, Michael flipped the bookmatch, outside to inside to see what the join
and pattern would look like if joined differently.  I'd say the other looked slightly more
interesting?  Anyway, quite interesting to see a guitar go together virtually.  The wood is back
on the shelf for now.
These two photos are the final renderings by
Michael Payne on the double flitch-matched all
rosewood guitar body.  Quite a feat of digital
gymnastics performed by Michael, kudos on the
fine work.  Like you said, "Now it's my turn."  Thank
you for all the hard work.  bd

Click thumbnails to see the high res final images.
These four images have larger images,
click the thumbnails.  Interesting
technology, actual photos of the
wood.  Tremendous effort Michael,
thank you!  Bruce Dickey
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