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Saddle Sanding Jig
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Here is a little tool to adjust the saddle height slightly or a lot to
accommodate an undersaddle pickup, real simple.   The oak blocks clamp
down on the saddle, via the bolts, allowing the saddle to protrude for
removal.  I made it, because it is difficult to hold the small saddle, secondly,
it's hard to hold it square, and thirdly, because I was sanding my fingertips
away.  Ouch.
I use it with my benchtop beltsander.
The purpose of the business cards
is measurement.
 Each card is about
.010 inch, so three is .030".  You can
even lower one side and not the other
if you wish, by determining what is
needed and arrange the card shims
accordingly.  Then you can use a dial
caliper to check the amount of
protrusion, before sanding.
As you sand off the saddle, check frequently, as
soon as the
oak block and the saddle are flush,
you are done.  A little sandpaper on the outer
edges, once removed,  make the saddle perfect.
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