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Super Simple Salsa
Salsa Ingredients:

1 Can of Whole Tomatoes 28 Ounce Can
2 Tsp of
sliced Jalapenos, more or less to desired heat level, all you can balance easily on a regular tsp  
Any brand will work, haven't tried fresh, the brand I currently use is
Mrs. Renfroe's from Ft. Worth, TX  
1/8 Tsp. Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Salt, but taste a bit of the tomato juice in a cup first, you may add none, I like the salt content up
there but not too much, that ruins it, but it will get eaten anyway.
1/2 tsp of
dried onion flakes
1/2 tsp of crushed red peppers, I used to let the jalapenos do all the work, but started adding this and
like it.  And, these come free with take out pizza, the packet is exactly 1/2 tsp, just right.

Other ingredients you can consider, chopped fresh onions, I prefer the taste of none or the flakes.
Then, my sister has to have fresh cilantro in hers, and it is a traditional salsa ingredient.  Don't over do it,
cilantro goes a long way in my book, I do like it, just problematic for a quick salsa, as are fresh onions,
maybe buy a bunch and chop it, then freeze little packets for the salsa?  

Quicker Simpler Salsa:  tomatoes, garlic powder, jalapenos, salt if needed.  If you use just those
ingredients you'll still have a great salsa.
Now, here is how you put it together:  Open the can of tomatoes and pour off just enough juice in a
cup to determine the salt level.  If it is salty, don't add salt.  If it needs salt, add up to but no more than a
half teaspoon level.  Pour the juice and four tomatoes into the blender.

Add the garlic powder, sliced jalapenos, crushed red peppers, salt, and anything else at this point.  
Turn the blender on high speed and listen for a smooth sound.  When you hear the smooth sound,
everything is pureed or finely chopped, along with the first four tomatoes added.

Now add the balance of the can of tomatoes.  At this point, think chunky, salsa is great with whole chunks
about the size of a dill pickle slice, mmm mmm.  If you go to long, you will end up with puree not salsa.  Set
the blender to medium and just pulse a couple of times, that's it, you are done.  
Enjoy your Super Simple

Serve with Tortilla Chips,
around here we use Mission Brand White CornTortilla Strips from Irving, TX  
www.missionfoods.com  They come in one or two pound bags.  The strips fit in your mouth better than the
triangular chips.
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