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Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Building Info, and Warranty
Please review the information provided here and contact me with any questions you may
have.  I look forward to meeting and working with each customer to build their dream guitar.
Copyright 2004 - 2005 Dickey Guitars, Russellville Arkansas
Client guitar for Paula W., she ordered a Cocobolo and Red Spruce Grand A!
guitar.  The neck is next, and about a month long finishing process using
McFadden Nitrocellulose Instrument Lacquer, the industry standard for decades.
Delivery Times
My waiting list is approximately 18 months. Weather and supply availability can move this time frame either
way which requires occasional changes to planned delivery dates.

Payment Options
Dickey Guitars accepts Cash, Personal Checks, Money Orders, or Cashiers Checks.  Wire transfers are
available for international orders not able to use credit cards. A $20 fee will be charged for any check

Instruments Available Without Waiting
Occasionally we do have guitars available for sale without a waiting period. Please see our Available Guitars
page on this web site for any that are currently available directly from the shop.

Ordering Terms and Conditions
Upon placing an order, a non-refundable deposit payment equal to one third of the total instrument price
secures your position on my building list and secures your price. If you select certain specialty wood sets
from our stock, or supplies that will require a special purchase from an outside supplier, an additional
non-refundable amount will be due at this time.

When it is time to commence construction of your guitar, I will contact you and request the next one third
payment. Upon receipt of the payment, construction will begin, with a projected delivery date 3-4 months
out. That date is subject to change for a variety of reasons such as weather delays in finish work, supply
shortages, changes you may request during building, etc. Every effort will be made to effect an On-time
delivery, but please realize these are custom built, not assembly line, products and the quality of the final
instrument is of great concern to me.

Upon completion of your guitar and prior to delivery, payment will be requested to include the final amount
due. Guitar will ship immediately after funds clear. Payment by Cashier's Check, or Money Order ships
immediately.  All guitars personally picked up at our shop are subject to Arkansas Sales Tax in the amount
of 8.5%, even if you reside in another state or country. Exceptions would be dealers with approved resale

All orders are shipped from Dickey Guitars fully insured via USPS Registered Mail, unless other
arrangements have been made. Normal ship time is 2-day delivery, but may be upgraded to overnight at my
discretion, especially during times of extreme weather conditions. I require that all items shipped to, and
from the shop, regardless of carrier, be fully insured during transit. Dickey Guitars does not accept liability
for items that are sent to the shop uninsured. All guitars shipped from my shop to Arkansas addresses are
subject to Arkansas Sales Tax in the amount of 8.5%.

Satisfaction with Your New Guitar
If you receive your guitar and feel that it does not meet your expectations, you may return the guitar to
Dickey Guitars. Approval period is 48 hours and the guitar must be returned (shipped fully insured) in
exactly the same condition that it left my shop. Depending upon why you are returning the guitar, I will either
build you another guitar, putting you forward on the build list into the next starting batch, or I will sell the
guitar and upon its sale, refund your money, less shipping charges. If you have added inlay or other
accessories that I determine must be removed in order to make the guitar saleable to the general public, a
charge will be deducted from your refund to cover costs of bringing the guitar to a more standard condition.
If there is damage to the guitar that did not occur during shipping, repair charges will be deducted from the
refund amount. Loss and/or shipping damage will be referred back to the carrier.

Cancellation Policy
If you decide to cancel your order prior to build start, there are three options available:
1) Cancel the order and forfeit the non-refundable payments.  2) Sell your building position to another buyer
and recoup your prior payments from that party, notifying me immediately of any transfer of ownership of the
building position with the new buyers name, address, and phone number.  3) Retain your payments by
requesting that your build position be rolled over to the end of the list, thereby giving you additional time
before the guitar build begins. Build position may be rolled twice, after which payments will be forfeited if
build does not proceed. The first roll will retain original order pricing. Second roll will change the order to the
pricing in effect at that time.

Dickey Guitars are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase.
Dickey Guitars will repair or replace, at my option, any Dickey guitar or part thereof which is found to be
defective. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and is not transferable to any
subsequent owners and is subject to the limitations set forth below:

Warranty Limitations
1) Instruments that have been modified after shipping from the place of manufacture;
2) Instruments whose serial numbers have been altered or removed;
3) Instruments that have been subjected to extremes of humidity or temperature;
4) Normal wear or natural cracking of wood or shrinkage of finish;
5) Instruments that have been damaged due to misuse, neglect, or accident;
6) Normal wear and tear to serviceable parts such as strings, tuning gears, frets;
7) Claims from or by anyone other than the original purchaser.
Dickey Guitars reserves the right to use materials regularly utilized or available at the time of repair in the
event that original materials are no longer available.
This is the sole warranty of Dickey Guitars. No other written, oral, express or implied warranties
including the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose apply

Repair Notes
If you are having a problem with your guitar, or have damaged it, please contact me immediately (and first!).
We will discuss whatever is going on with the guitar and make a decision on the best way to resolve the
problem. There are a number of qualified repair technicians across the country, so there may be no need to
send the guitar back to the shop.

A Special Note About Humidity and Temperature and How They Affect an Acoustic Guitar
If you live in an area that is extremely humid or very arid, or one that is often changing from very wet to very
dry, or hot to cold, you will need to take special measures to insure the well being of your guitar.
I am happy to discuss with you at length, the care and feeding of your guitar. Please contact me for more

Buying a handmade guitar sight unseen, sound unheard, can be quite intimidating and a 'leap of faith'.
What if it doesn't 'float your boat' after waiting all that time for it to be built? If you would like to talk to other
Dickey customers that have been there, done that, please contact me for referral information.  Bruce Dickey
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