Bruce Dickey's Allis-Chalmers B Page

This series of Allis-Chalmers B Tractor photos was taken in
rural Arkansas on 14 May 2008.  I spotted this tractor while
visiting a new sick friend nearby.  Returning a month later, it was a
nice day for a few pictues.  Spying the crank by the seat I just had
to give it a couple turns.  I believe it would run.  Behind the tractor
are the remnants of the barn that housed it for a decade.  Now it's
out in the weather again it appears.  A knock at the door only
disturbed the little dog inside.  I got the address off the mail box,
who knows, just might get blessed or rebuffed.  Nothing ventured,
nothing gained.  Still it was a bunch of fun just having a
walk-around and taking these pics.  Bruce
The End

Oddly enough, I did not get the serial number of this tractor.  
From my short time on the I've now
learned where to look.  I did take one picture on the side of the
transmission of a bunch of numbers.  Not stamped but cast into
the metal, nice try, no cigar for me.  I hope you enjoyed looking at
these pictures and taking a trip into rural Arkansas on a beautiful
Spring day.  Feel free to use these pictures, simply credit the
source is all I ask.
Bruce Dickey's Allis-Chalmers B Page
Copyright 2008
abcd crank, osicd crank, will it turn over, s it did, bd
I called the owner of this old B model
and he regretted to inform me:  "I'm
saving it for my grandson who said he
wanted to fix it up someday."  Nothing