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Brace Marking Template
This is an idea I borrowed from Charlie Hoffman.  It is quite labor intensive to measure and plot all
brace locations accurately.  This simple tool satisfies the need to accurately and quickly lay out a
top or back for brace placement.  Thanks Charlie for sharing!
This is a sheet of plexiglass, with the braces laid out using a
Sharpie marker.  At the intersections you will drill 1/8 inch
holes.  On the side of the line where your braces go, simply
place an x to mark the spot.  Using the top and bottom center
holes for alignment to the top, mark each hole or intersection
using a pencil.  
Above you see the 1/8th inch drilled marking holes
of the template.  Also notice the x marking brace
location or a double line to indicate brace sides.
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