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Curt C's Grand Auditorium Florentine
Rock and Roll, Jazz, old hyms, is there anything Jon can't play?
The answer, No.  He was very complimentary of the guitar's sound.  This guitar mirrors
one built for my brother only with Indian Rosewood.  I really lean on my brother in law
shown in this picture to give me
continual assessments of my work.  Thanks Jon.  
How about you come on down to my workshop and lets pick you out some wood for one
like this?  You are invited, sir.  bd
This guitar is made from Dalbergia Retusa, or Cocobolo.  The top is one of the finest
top woods available to the guitar maker, it's red spruce from the
Adirondack region of
the Appalachians, the holy grail many call it.  
This guitar has punch, can handle being
driven hard, and performs well when played softly.  The Cutaway gives the player an
easier reach to upper frets, besides just making the guitar look absolutely stunning.  The
ebony fret board is inlaid with
Mother of Pearl in the tradition of a D45.
This is where it all starts.  Pick out the woods, get onto the build schedule, wait your turn
and begin.  This photo shows the cocobolo backset with zig zag marquetry in the join.  Back
braces are being
shaped and sanded to perfection.  The small tool in the photo is actually
a violin makers fingerplane, very useful for this job.  The larger tool is a 3/4 inch chisel, very
good for creating the sloped brace ends where the back joins the sides of the guitar.
Cocobolo, mahogany, red spruce, ebony, and hard rock maple are all species contained in this fine
guitar.  That is
one of the true joys of guitarmaking, the opportunity to work with the finest woods
of the world.  Couple that with the great tools available to the small shop guitarmaker and wonderful
things begin to happen,
part craftsmanship, part magic.  bd
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