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L - Double Oh!
This Double Oh! went to college down in Texas somewhere.  The old Gibson guitar
shape from the 20's and 30's is famous.  This is an incredible little guitar, a very
personal size.  Kind of cozy as shown in this pic.

My neice and I built her this guitar in my workshop here in Arkansas.  We had to do
the hussle to finish it in three weeks.  She called me, the "Slavedriver".  I just knew
we had to stay after it to get it finished.

This guitar has a Honduran Mahogany set of back and side wood, as well as neck.  
The top, Adirondack red spruce and as a graduation present, her Aunt bought her a
nice SKB hardshell case.

I would like to build one for you.  I have some fine wood to choose from, cocobolo,
Indian rosewood, sapele, koa, ovangkol, black walnut, cedar, englemann, sitka, and
adirondack.  Give me a call or an email, Bruce Dickey
As I man the camera, my apprentice puts the finishing touches on the bridge pin
tapers.  Visitors to the shop are usually always welcome.  Call ahead, thanks.
Why I am building the L-00, as I call it, the L-Double Oh! ? -  This small guitar is an
incredible instrument.  Originally the guitars were built lightly braced and many of the
originals didn't make it through the advent of heavy guage steel strings.  After playing one
by a small guitar guitar company, I was blown away, really.  This homely little guitar had
incredible sound, friendly size, and with quality woods would be something to consider
especially for blues players.
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