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Emmitt B - Rosewood Dred Not!
This guitar is for my very good friend, Emmitt.  He waited patiently for his guitar and it
thrilling to hear him play it.  This picture shows the top being glued on to the sides.  
The strange contraption it's in is called a gobar deck.  Dowels bowed into place press on the
top and hold it under pressure until the glue dries.  
The mold keeps the guitar body
during this operation and is removed when both the top and back are glued up.
Indian Rosewood is one of the most wonderful woods you can buy for the guitar body.  You can
see this fine set Emmitt selected from my aged tonewood stash.  I bought much of my wood before
ever making the leap to full time.  There is
nothing like the comfort of knowing your wood is
fully seasoned.
 Notice the dovetail cutout for the neck.  As it says, "in the handmade tradition",
this neck joint is what you find in most fine guitars from yesteryear.  I use this method because it's
what I learned from the outset.  I like it.  It's actually a challenge each time to get it right and I enjoy
a challenge.  
Making necks is one of my favorite parts of guitarmaking, then installing it to
the body leads the way to a fine instrument.
This Honduran Mahogany neck has a hard rock maple strip up the center.  Learning the
strength of layers of solid wood, this type construction is said to make a
stronger, warp-free,
leading to more sustain in the guitar.  Carving solid mahogany is a pure joy.  Messy,
but enjoyable.  I like the feel of a freshly sanded neck.  This one got about
fourteen coats of
thin lacquer
before being buffed to a high gloss.
The Western Red Cedar top chosen for this guitar sounds very mellow and
warm.  Coupled with the rosewood, a good marriage in tonewoods produced a fine
sounding guitar.  
My friend plays the heck out of this thing and as much as
we wanted to leave it without the pickguard, it had to happen.  I hope ten or twenty
years from now when Emmitt pulls this out, he'll remember the day he plunked
down his money.  What a gambler.... and what luck!
Thanks Emmitt, I really appreciate your patience on this
project and... your friendship all these years, Bruce
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