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The Grand A!  This full size grand auditorium guitar has a fantastic sound.  Use of the Adirondack spruce top
gives it an edge over others in the sound department, many call this spruce the holy grail of tonewoods.  
Cocobolo rosewood is used for it's extreme beauty and reflective tonal properties.  

Ebony for the fretboard, bridge, and headstock overlay, make it very durable and dressy.  A D45 style mother
of pearl inlay gives a striking look.  Finished with
nitrocellulose lacquer, the finished is buffed to a high
gloss.  While any quality tuning machine may be used, this client chose Schaller Gold enclosed tuners.  A
fella in Austin Texas cut my
D-Logo in mother of pearl, as well as the fretboard inlay, thanks Tom.
Here is the Grand A! in the
above photo getting it's neck
dovetail glued in position.  
While the glue in the
foreground is used for most of
the instrument there are two
places reserved for an age
old glue,
Hot Hide Glue.  
Those two locations getting
hide glue are the dovetail
neck joint and the bridge.

The reasons for using hide
glue are simple,
and superior strength
under temperature
such as a guitar
mistakenly left in a hot car on
a summer day.  While not
covered under the warranty
for being left in a hot car, it is
the hope should that happen,
that these joints will not fail.
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Grand A! - grand auditorium