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Guitar Number One, Dred Not!  Bethany P.
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Guitar being
My first guitar is a Herringbone D-28 Dred Not, in kit form from Nazareth
Pennsylvania and the great Martin Guitar Company.  Don't think a kit isn't really
building, it is.  But by limiting the tools needed, it is a great way to get started
building quality guitars.
A brief description - Sitka Spruce soundboard, Indian Rosewood back and
sides, Ebony fretboard and bridge, standard celluloid bindings and purlings.  
The top is inlaid with a
herringbone marquetry bordering the top.  The back
is inlaid with Zig-Zag marquetry.  That's a quick look at my first guitar.  It
sounds great.  

One of my favorite clips is my son, Warren playing a little ditty on this
guitar.  You sure miss 'em when they move off to college.  Dreadnaughts are
great guitars especially one with
scalloped braces like this model.
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