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John P - Rosewood Grand A! Venetian Cutaway
The Grand A! - JP wanted a memorable guitar made by his dad.  He selected a top based on a
story he'd heard me tell someone else.  After unpacking a shipment of cedar from British Columbia, I
found the slices of wood protecting the good tops to be a bookmatch set of cedar guitar top as well.  
The problem, it had a central crack in the wood, making it
unusable in the traditional sense or
salvage.  I snapped the top pieces in two, making four pieces and tossed it aside, not putting it with the
other tops.
I really didn't have a place for salvage cedar, so it laid around the shop and got in the way, until one
day I decided to triple join the top just to see how it would look glued up.  Sitting with the now 18 by 22
inch panel in my hand, I noticed the grain lines of the top were very fine and uniform from side to side.  
Grabbing a pencil and magnifying glass,
I began to mark every tenth grain line.  When I was done,
the math told me the top, at least what I had in my hand, was 246 years old. One line for each year of
growth.  2004 less 246, well, the piece in my hand was growing in British Columbia, Canada in
1758 A.
 Since then I learned that many Western Red Cedar trees are between 2000 and 3500 years old.  
JP had to have
that top on his guitar, so here it is.
Okay, if you liked the top story, how about a back story?  This Indian Rosewood was damaged by
me accidently.  As I was putting it away, the sander I had it sitting on tipped over and
it all came
crashing down to the floor.
 Two backsets of rosewood became four pieces not two as normal.  
After thinking for several days how I could save the sets, I came up with this idea:  Join two pieces
for the center of a
D35 style back, then add marquetry, and the outer two pieces.  Bingo, saved
both sets, and added a nice design element to the two guitars as well.  Here is one of them, JP
picked for his guitar.  JP is a sensitive type person, always looking out for the underdog.  I think he
chose wisely, plus
he can pass these stories on to his grandkids some day.
There it is, my trademark graft inspection hole.  This guitar has two back
grafts since it is made in the D35 style, so it gets two marquetry inspection holes.  
Thanks JP,
this is a really fun guitar, I hope you enjoy it, son.  Dad
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