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Neck Glue Up
Resawing, Planing, and Gluing
Click Pics to enlarge.  This is a photoessay of the process.
While some use solid four inch genuine mahogany, I use six
quarter or 1 1/2 inch planks.  You can see the board on the
bandsaw.  The second cut is underway, giving two slices four
inches tall.  The two pieces fold together, giving opposing
grain structure to each side.  Mahogany is a very stable and
easy-working wood for necks.  Add some hard rock maple
slices and even a rosewood slice for color, makes this
lamination of solid neck wood very strong.  Strength, sustain,
and good looks add up to a winning combination over an all
solid wood neck.  It's more work, but in my view, worth the
effort.  With the grain orientation becoming vertical, this wood
is in a quartersawn orientation in the final piece, yielding it's
greatest strength.
This picture shows four blanks being glued at once, separated by wax paper.  This way I'm preparing eight
neck blanks at once.  The photo above with my dust mask hanging on it, is the same procedure but is
preparing only one double blank.  Click on the photos for enlarged photo detail.  One has rosewood with
two maple stripes, the others all have a single maple line.
I really love this picture.  On top is a neck made for my neice's L-Double Oh!  Then in the middle is a
neck being prepared for my brother's guitar, a Grand A!  Then on the bottom is a neck blank ready
for two more guitars.  This shows the progression from blank to finished neck.  
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