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Just some old photos I've collected relating to life on Huckleberry Mountain and
the Community called Mt. Grove and Liberty, Logan County Arkansas.  Life
centered at the church and school and eventually many were buried on the small
two acre plot called
Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery which includes the old church
and school building.
This photo is from Karen Thompson from Texas.  She is a descendant of the gal on
the far right Liza Henson.  Others are only conjecture as to their identity at present.  
Thanks Karen for sharing this photo.  Liza maried Arbury Henson and both are
buried at Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery Logan Co., Arkansas
Mt. Grove Church you can guess the date by their clothing?  Or can you?  
Logan County, Arkansas, Huckleberry Mountain
George W. Ewing
Married to Liza Ewing
Both are buried at Rogers Mt. Grove Cemetery
Brown Henson far left died in 1913.
He is buried at Rogers Mt. Grove.
The guy in the center is my grandfather, Allie Dickie.

These fine shotgunners brought in a litter of wolf pups.
I have names on the other men, but know this, there is a
question about that.  Thanks, but look below for what my
picture reveals on the rear.
L to R Brown Henson, Bill Stapleton, Allie Dickey, Ralph Stapleton, and Albert Stone.  
The back of the picture was backwards it said R to L.  However someone helped me
identify Brown Henson, either Brenda Trice or Karen Thompson.  That in turn had the
names turn around to be correct..... if they are.  Allie is a given in the center, even my
82 year old mom, Margaret just looked and said that's Allie in the middle.  So True.
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