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The Oh-M!

This venerable old Martin shape is revered for its perfect size and shape.  Originally it
was a 12 Fret Model and was referred to as an OM or orchestral model size.  Later as
that model gave way to the 14 Frets clear of the body models it became known as an
000 Model.  After owning one myself, it is a great smaller guitar, shapely and fun to
play and hold.  As you see, my first Oh-M!, a 14 fretter, is still in stages of "air guitar".
This is a Honduran Mahogany needing someone to call and say, "I'll take it."  It's top is
cut, neck blank roughed out, a deposit on this one would yield a guitar pretty soon, as
custom guitars go.  This one's already in the build schedule.
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