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Warren D - Indian Rosewood OSJ!
Your Dickey Guitar
being crafted
Bending the sides - Thanks
son for helping me build this
side bender.  It's only fitting you
should receive the first guitar
sides for your OSJ.  The set of
Indian Rosewood back and
sides are the nicest I've ever
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Installing the neck and tail blocks are the beginning of a guitar
rimset.  This is
Warren helping out, clamping the sides into the mold for
precise measurement, then cutting.  Since starting making guitars in
1999, these little
lever-action bar clamps are one of my favorite tools.  
The brand name is
Klemmsia and they are made in Germany.
This fine looking wood is kind of pretty on Mom's breakfast table.  Easter Eggs?  Must have been
last Spring, has it been that long?  The
zig zag marquetry in the back of this guitar is very
handsome against the deep rich purple color of the rosewood.  A fella in Canada makes the linings
I use, they are called
reverse-kerf and are made of Spanish Cedar for that wonderful smell.
Paua Abalone Rosette looks fine against the bare Western Red Cedar
top.  The tooling for guitarmaking must be very precise as the depth of cut
and width is very important to get a good tight fit.
Layout to the left - In this photo, click for larger image, you
can see the
layout lines for the main x-braces, the tone
bars, finger braces and the bridge plate.  It's time now to align a
fly cutter to the pilot hole and cut the sound hole.  If you think
to ask, I'll send you the sound hole from your guitar when I
make it, and sign and date it.  Why not have a bit of fun?
Left - The fly cutter slices a four inch diameter hole in the top, allowing an accurate cut while the top is
secured by the alignment jig.  Cutting the sound hole is a simple but,
hold your breath, moment.

Right - Cut sound hole on this guitar turned out great.  Top is Western Red Cedar with Paua Abalone shell.
Left - The OSJ top fully braced and now ready
for final brace shaping.  Notice the selection of
bridge plate material.  American Black Walnut
has proven to be a fine bridge plate material,
strong, dense, and light weight.  This top has all
Adirondack Red Spruce, except for the two
tonebars which are Sitka Spruce.

Above Right - The braces are due more shaping
after being glued up.  Some call this
the top'
, my main goal is consistency from one
top to the next.  Use of
quality materials and
proper construction technique at a constant
45% relative humidity is extremely important.
Closing the lid on Warren's OSJ!  - Left.  Built with Love for my son, Warren Dec. 3, 2004 - Right
Psalm 150 Praise Ye the Lord...  Praise Him
with stringed instruments,
especially this OSJ!
which is built after one made for Phil Keaggy in
1983 by Jim Olson.  Bruce Dickey, proud papa.
Dovetail neck cavity, Western Red Cedar top, Indian Rosewood Back and sides, and
inlaid rosette of Paua Abalone.  The flamed maple binding is now completed.
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